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Stacie Spielman

If you've stumbled on this site by accident and don't know what it's about, it's intended to tell the truth about seemingly innocent practices and beliefs that are linked to the Occult. Written by me,  a woman who's "been there and done most of that," the pages in this site pull no punches when it comes to laying the facts on the line, and telling the truth to anyone who's willing to  listen. For those who are interested in following me on Twitter, my Twitter is ghostwriter369. If you're interested in reading my commentary regarding the August 10 interview with Daniel Ott of "The Edge" my blog address is

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Can Guardian Angels be hazardous to your health?
When I tried to contact mine, I had no clue what I was getting into.

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If you prefer to read in your Kindle, Nook, or other e-book reader, Betrayed is available through Amazon, and Smashwords in various reader formats for $2.99.



Come Eddy Cut (Life in a Haunted House) is now available in Kindle format from Amazon for $2.99.


Now Available in Kindle format through Amazon

Whether you're a victim of demonic oppression  -- I prefer to call it demonic harassment -- and trying to find a way to break free, or simply interested in learning more about  things ordinary people like you are doing that open the door for demonic spirits to come in, you've come to the right site. 

As you can see from the menu on the left, this site contains pages on topics ranging from Alien Abduction to Witchcraft, and virtually everything in between if it relates to the spirit realm.

I have worked with demonic harassment victims (victims of demonic oppression) from around the world, helping them identify the things  that have invited demonic spirits into their lives, and helping them break free through God in Jesus' name. My e-books on the topic of demonic spirits explain who and what demonic spirits are, how they harass us, what brings them into our lives, and what must be done to cast them out.  (Casting out of demonic spirits requires a firm belief in God the Father, in Jesus as His son, and in the real Holy Spirit -- not the false one who speaks through people today in tongues.) My e-books (other than Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel) are for sale, but the information on this site is free.

At the bottom of this page, you'll find the link to click for a free pdf download of my true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel. If you prefer to read it on a Kindle, it's available for sale through Amazon.

I hope you'll come back to this site again and again, and that you'll refer your friends.

May God bless you.

"What Demonic Spirits

Don't Want You to Know (updated and expanded 2014)

Now contains information specifically geared toward people who are
victims of Obeah, Palo Mayambe, Makumba, Makumbaje, Voodoo, Hoodoo,
JinJin, Wambawa, Nkisi, Santeria, Ngangas, Egunegun, Masaan,
Root Work, or WitchCraft magick (white, gray, black, or red)

..Available for the Kindle through Amazon:

 Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel (also available through Smashwords),
Demonic Harassment from A to Z, Dabbling in the Occult,
What Demonic Spirits Don't Want You to Know
(also in pdf through this site
and in virtually all e-reader formats through Smashwords)

and When Doctors Don't Know


Note: My e-book Spirit Harassment from A to Z has been discontinued. It has been replaced by Demonic Harassment from A to Z, and is available for sale through Amazon for the Kindle and Kindle app. (As a condition of having it on Kindle Select, I can't offer it for sale through my site for three months. It will eventually be back in pdf format.) My e-book Things That Invite Demonic Spirits has also been discontinued. It has been replaced by Dabbling in the Occult, and is available for sale through Amazon for the Kindle.  As with A to Z, as a condition of having this e-book on Kindle Select, I can't offer it for sale through this site for three months. It will eventually be back in pdf format.)

If you don't have a Kindle, Amazon has a free Kindle App that can be downloaded to your computer or other reading device.

 If you're one of the upwards of a million people who've read my true story Betrayed by Her Guardian  Angel, and have wondered what happened during the seven years alluded to, but not covered in Betrayed, "Nowhere to Turn" is that story..

This book is available only through Amazon for the Kindle. As a condition of being enrolled in Kindle Select, I can't offer it for sale anywhere else for three months. It will eventually be for sale once more through this website in pdf format.