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About Stacie

For those of you who are looking for the Stacie Spielman who used to counsel people on matters of the paranormal and work with victims of demonic harassment from around the world , I am that Stacie Spielman. 

Having once been involved in the occult myself in the form of Automatic Writing and New Age spirit guides, I understand what harassment victims are going through because I've been through it myself.  My books are based on my own experiences, on things I've learned from the Bible, and on the experiences of harassment victims I've worked with from around the world, helping them identify what brought spirits into their lives and  teaching them what they must do in order to break free.

Although I do attempt to answer all e-mails, the stress of working one on one with harassment victims on a daily basis for over fifteen years took its toll on my health, and on my husband's. That's why I wrote the self-help e-books Demonic Harassment from A to Z, Things That Invite Demonic Spirits, and What Drmonic Spirits Don't Want You to Know. These books contain true accounts of harassment victims I've worked with from around the world.

Aside from my former work with harassment victims, I was once a teacher and have worked as an administrative secretary. In addition, I'm a writer, a wife, a mom, and a grandmother who works at home -- writing, maintaining my websites, answering e-mails, working on craft projects, and writing articles to be read on the Kindle. I recently wrote another e-book on the topic of demonic spirits, entitled The Aftermath. I  plan to return to my first writing- love: clean romances. The first romance I ever wrote, Braddigan's Folly, Martha Stewart, Eat Your Heart Out is for sale through Amazon. To access this book, go to Amazon and do a search for Braddigan's Folly .

Excerpt from Braddiga's Folly:

A hundred disturbing thoughts flitted through Ember Braddigan’s mind as she sprinted the distance from the sorority house to the rear of faculty housing. ‘Please don’t let me get caught,’ she prayed silently. She knew she had no right to ask for Divine assistance; not when she was on her way to steal the coach’s underwear…

Seven years later, now a freelance reporter, Ember is commissioned by her uncle to write a feature layout on a primitive logging camp he bought on a dare. It’s a nineteen thirty’s logging camp using methods from the 30’s to do business in the 90’s. There’s only one problem: the logging boss (formerly the basketball coach from Brownsville U.) doesn’t want the publicity. And he doesn’t want some female reporter (particularly Ember Braddigan) coming to camp and distracting his crew.

Deke accepts the fact that he has no choice but to let Ember come to his camp, but there’s nothing to say he has to make her stay a pleasant one. In a phone call the night before Ember leaves to go to the logging camp, she receives a phone call from Deke:

"... If you still want to come, the train leaves at seven. That's seven a.m., Miss Braddigan. Not 7:01, not 7:02: Seven a.m. Be there, or be left behind. Oh, and one more thing: when you're on my turf, you play by my rules. Break them, and you'll be out on your duff!"

When Ember arrives in camp, the assistant foreman shows her to her cabin. The cabin walls are bare, save a single shelf above the wood box displaying the cabin's meager homemaking supplies: a tin saucepan, an iron skillet, an antique percolator, two tin cups with matching plates and utensils, a box of matches, a soot-streaked oil lantern, a hot mitt of indeterminate color, a sponge, a threadbare towel and washcloth, and half a bar of Lava soap. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

Aside from the unappetizing choice of foods, there was a knife and an old-fashioned church key. Ember picked up the unopened peanut butter jar and groaned. Large lids were not made for small hands, and this one was definitely large. Though she held the jar against her body and stretched her right hand to the point of pain in her effort to grasp and turn the lid, it was no use. No peanut butter; and she couldn't opoen the tuna can... Just great. That left dry bread and jerky.

For now, the next item on the agenda was to go to the creek for a pail of water...

At the water's edge, Ember stooped and laid the bucket on its side with the open end facing downstream. With a mighty heave, she lifted the bucket, but the weight of the water pulled her off balance. Flailing wildly, she dropped the pail. The slick leather soles of her boots lost their footing on the smooth mossy stones. Unable to break the fall, she tumbled backward into the icy stream. A startled gasp was all she could manage, as the frigid water ran under her slicker, filling her boots and soaking her jeans.

"Wouldn't it have been simpler to just get your water from the pier like everyone else?"

Tall, tanned, and muscular, clad in a doeskin jacket and faded Levi jeans, the sexy logger was standing on the stream bank, lounging against a tree. His sun-streaked brown hair was well groomed, but casual. From what Ember could see of his face from this distance, he appeared to be smiling.

‘Spit.’ Here she was, soaked to the skin, dressed in a slicker made for King Kong, and who should appear but a lumberjack that on a scale of one to ten she would have rated a twelve! His eyes were cast in shadow, but as he sauntered toward the stream, the taunting smirk Ember had taken for a smile was now unmistakable.

She had wanted her first meeting with Decker to be one that would put him on the defensive. She'd intended to come off as confident and poised, exuding self-confidence from every pore. Instead what? She could think of nothing less poised than sitting on her bottom in the middle of a stream.

"Tell me, Miss Braddigan. Do you always dress in rubber, or is this a special occasion?"

Books by Stacie Spielman


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Available for the Kindle through Amazon:

Can Guardian Angels be hazardous to your health?
When I tried to contact mine, I had no clue what I was getting into.

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If you prefer to read in your Kindle, Betrayed is available through Amazon.

Things That Invite Demonic Spirits

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My latest e-book “The Aftermath,” is different from all other e-books I’ve written in that in addition to telling what’s happened since the writing of Betrayed, it is basically an anthology of Articles, and Excerpts from web pages I’ve written pertaining to the spirit realm intermingled with new information I've learned since writing Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel and What Demonic Spirits Don't Want You to Know.

The Aftermath is available through this website in PDF format, in Kindle format through Amazon, and in all other e-reader formats through Smashwords. This is the last book I intend to write on the topic of demonic spirits.

Spirit Harassment from A to Z  Click image above for more information.

Come Eddy Cut

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If you're one of the upwards of a million people who've read my true story Betrayed by Her Guardian  Angel, and have wondered what happened during the seven years alluded to, but not covered in Betrayed,
"Nowhere to Turn" is that story., available through this website in pdf format., and in e-book reader format through Amazon.

Nowhere to Turn
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by Sarah Browne and Stacie Spielman

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at Demonic Spirits

Don't Want You to Know:

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