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Alien Abduction 

Aliens? Or demons?


There are innumerable accounts of people who believe themselves to have been the victims of alien abduction.  Many of these "abduction victims" believe they have undergone surgery at the hands of alien creatures and had "implants" inserted into their bodies.

When I was a guest of Paranormal radio, the host told me of a deliverance minister who claims aliens are really demonic spirits, and that in his work with harassment victims who are also victims of "alien abduction," demonic spirits have manifested as being involved.

Armed with this information, when I was contacted by an alien abduction victim pleading for my help,  after taking Cheryl (not her real name) through my list of things that invite demonic harassment and leading her through rejections, denunciations, and  the necessary prayers said to God in Jesus' name, I began addressing any demonic spirits who were playing the role of each of the alien beings who were tormenting her.  (Cheryl could not close her eyes without seeing visions of alien grays, reptilians, and government workers dressed in alien costumes.  In addition, she would see pyramids bearing the images of Masonic symbols. By day she'd be tortured by burning pain all over her body. By night she would often experience having an entity "plug a cord" into the "disc" she believed had been inserted into her forehead, resulting in instant "electrocution.") Her normally well-behaved cat, too, was being tormented to the point that it ripped her throw pillows to shreds and, at first opportunity, ran away.

For each thing I addressed in Jesus' name, demonic spirits manifested.  By "manifested," I mean they made their presence known.  This was an indication that the alien entities tormenting Cheryl were in fact nothing more than demons in alien clothing  Since Cheryl was being harassed with chronic fatigue and burning pain so severe she was unable to wear clothing, she was unable to discern when departing spirits would manifest.  As a result, I allowed them to manifest through me.  For every single type of harassment, departing spirits manifested by taking my voice and breath away. This does not mean the spirits transferred to me. It means God allowed them to manifest with me so I would know they were indeed present and needed to be cast away through Him in Jesus' name.

The problem was Cheryl had been brainwashed both by the spirits harassing her and by members of the Alien Abduction group (many of whom were Atheists) who'd had experiences similar to hers.  She believed demonic spirits were involved. But she believed these demons were under the control of the Illuminati. She further believed that her soul had been fragmented, and pieces sold to members of the Illuminati.   Nothing I could say to her would convince her otherwise. 

picture of alien gray

Finally, one of the tormenting spirits revealed that Cheryl believed more strongly in aliens than she believed in God and Jesus.  It said that as long as she maintained this belief, the spirits torturing her (in the guise of alien creatures) would not have to go.

Cheryl said she did believe in God and Jesus and had been praying to them for months to deliver her.  At the same time, she reiterated her belief that demonic spirits were involved, but were working in conjunction with the government and/or the Illuminati. She felt that God should answer her prayers to rid her of the demonic spirits, regardless of her other beliefs.  As a result, Cheryl could not be set free.

 (Note: It has been my experience that when a person is involved with the occult and/or false doctrine as Cheryl was, God does not answer his or her prayers. Cheryl had compounded the problem by praying directly to Jesus -- an act that invites even more demons into one's life because there are demons who go by the name of Jesus, and the real Jesus said in the Bible that our prayers are to be said to the Father in His {Jesus'} name.)

 I have since worked with two other people who've had "alien encounters."  In each case, demonic spirits manifested as having created the holographic vision of the space craft and/or having appeared in the guise of alien creatures in the form of grays, reptilians, or other alien monsters.  One departing spirit actually spoke as it left: "We love to appear as aliens because humans are so gullible. God created angels, humans, and lower level creatures. There are no aliens."  Based on what I know of the Bible, I believe what the spirit said was true. After the demonic spirits of the "alien encounters" were cast away in Jesus' name,  these people had no further problem.

Caution:  Do not attempt to cast sprits away without first severing all links to the occult, apologizing to God for your occult involvement, and asking for His forgiveness.

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