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Stacie Spielman

Automatic Writing

Is it from the Sub-conscious?

When I was a junior in college, a professor made an assignment to write a paper on the workings of the subconscious mind.

To research this topic, I went to the college library where I found a book written by a psychiatrist.  As I recall, the title of the book was "Get In Touch With the Subconscious Mind."  According to this psychiatrist, there were two ways to contact the subconscious.  One was by the use of a pendulum.  By assigning one direction for the pendulum to swing for Yes, and another way for it to swing for No,  communication with the subconscious could supposedly be established.

The other method the psychiatrist described was through Automatic Writing.  This was the method I chose.

I waited for a time when I was alone in the house, then took the phone off the hook and dimmed the lights. Feeling rather foolish, I sat down at the dining room table with a blank sheet a paper and a pen.  Holding the pen lightly, I allowed it to hover over the paper as I waited for something to happen.

One minute went by.  Than two.  The book hadn't said how long to wait.  I was just ready to give up when it happened: My heart was thudding as the pen was drawn to the paper like an iron filing to a magnet.  The pen began to write across the bottom of the page in tiny cursive writing with every word attached to the next. When the writing reached the bottom right corner of the page, it turned sideways and wrote up the right edge without turning the paper.  When it reached the top right corner, the writing turned upside down and wrote backwards across the top of the page.  At the top left corner, it turned sideways again and wrote down the left edge until it got to the middle. From there it veered toward the center of the page and began writing in a huge spiral that gradually grew smaller and smaller until the spiral was filled.

The writing was too small to read without help.  Anxious to read what my subconscious had to say, I ran to my desk and dug in the drawer for a magnifying glass.  What a disappointment!  My "subconscious" had written nothing but stream of consciousness gibberish!

A short time later, my World Poetry professor made an assignment to write a paper expressing our true feelings about the poetry we'd been studying.  I hated this class.  I hated the blank verse symbolic poetry we'd been studying.  But I couldn't very well write that in my report.  Since the professor had said he wanted to know our "true" feelings, I decided to try once more to communicate with my subconscious.

This time the writing was larger. This time it didn't wrote sideways or upside down.  It wrote in very legible cursive writing in straight lines across the page.  Among the most complimentary things my subconscious had to say about the poetry was that it was garbage!  I have no idea what made me decide to type this "subconscious report" and turn it in, but that's what I did.  I turned it in with a note at the bottom telling the professor how the paper had been written.

Not only did the paper save my grade in that class, the professor was so impressed that he told a colleague: the same professor who'd made the assignment that undermined my Christian beliefs and temporarily made me an Agnostic.  This professor called me into his office and asked me to teach him my technique of doing Automatic Writing!

Years later when I learned that Automatic Writing is of the occult and does not involve the subconscious mind, I addressed any demonic spirits through God in Jesus' name who had come into my life as a result, and any spirits who had actually guided my pen to do the writing.  Demonic spirits manifested. By "manifested," I mean they made their presence known by doing something to me.  I don't remember exactly what they did, but based on the way spirits have manifested with me when being cast away more recently, I believe I'd be safe in saying that they caused my hands to shake violently or took my breath away.

Automatic Typing and Automatic Painting are no different from Automatic Writing in that they are done by demonic spirits taking control of the fingers on the keyboard and the paintbrush painting the picture. All of these -- automatic writing, typing, and painting -- are merely variations of channeling demonic spirits. As such, they are offensive to God, and merely serve to invite more demons into our lives.

As many of you know, after writing my true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel, I started my original website.  Through this website I was contacted by people from all over the world asking for my help in breaking free of the spirits haunting their houses and harassing them. This led to the establishment of a telephone and Skype ministry through which I helped demonic harassment victims break free through God in Jesus' name.  In every case in which the harassment victim had done automatic writing, automatic typing, or automatic painting or drawing, demonic spirits manifested as having been involved.

Prior to beginning my ministry, I met a woman who was channeling what she believed to be her mother's spirit, typing poetry.  This woman had Fibromyalgia and was in constant pain -- except when she was sitting at her desk allowing her "mother's spirit" to type.  A book on Channeling had been dedicated to Marge.

I told Marge that this was not her mother doing the typing.  It was a demonic spirit. When she heard this, Marge rejected and denounced the demonic spirit pretending to be her mother, and she and her husband burned the Channeling book that had been dedicated to her.  She discontinued the automatic typing, and promised God she would never do it again.  But the pain from the Fibromyalgia was so severe that she broke the promise and made the decision to resume channeling, regardless of the source.

During the course of my ministry (which began a year or so after losing contact with Marge), I worked with several harassment victims who were victims of spirit-induced Fibromyalgia symptoms.  In each case, when the spirits causing the pain had been cast away through God in Jesus' name, the pain vanished.  It is my belief that the reason Marge's pain disappeared when she was channeling is that the harassing spirits causing her pain simply stopped causing it when she was channeling. When the channeling session was through, they would cause the pain to resume.


"What Demonic Spirits

Don't Want You to Know:

What Traditional Deliverance Ministries Don't Tell You"

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