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Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary, also known as Mary Worth, is a children's "game" that's been around for a hundred years or more.   There are various versions of the legend that gave rise to this deliciously scary game. One says Bloody Mary was the queen of England. According to another, she was a witch.  A third version says she was a mother who murdered her own children.  Perhaps the most popular version of all says that she was a beautiful young woman  who through a terrible accident had her face horribly disfigured.  Artists' renditions of this tragic character typically show a slashed face with hollow eyes, and blood streaming down the cheeks.

There are many versions of this macabre game. In one, the child (or adult) stands in front of a mirror and says "I believe in Mary Worth"  thee times, then turns around three times and repeats the refrain.  In the version I'm familiar with, the child says "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary," turns around three times, then repeats the refrain. The object of the "game" is to summon the ghost of Bloody Mary.

I have yet to know a person who has actually seen a bloody image in the mirror. But the mere act of playing the game brings demonic spirits into the life of those who play it, and spirits link to the mirror as well.

During the years that I worked as a nanny, the girls I cared for attempted to summon this malevolent spirit one weekend when I was not there.

After playing this game, the girls began having nightmares and were afraid to go into the bathroom alone. In an effort to allay their fears, their mother stood in front of the mirror and chanted the words herself. "See?" she said when no ghostly image appeared. "There's nothing to be afraid of. It's just a game."  How wrong she was!

I recently worked with a young girl who played this "game" with her friend who had shown her a video of it on U Tube. Penny lived in a large two-story house with four bedrooms and four baths -- each with a mirror. She and her friend went from bathroom to bathroom and bedroom to bedroom, summoning the bloody figure in every one.

It wasn't long before this eight year old's behavior took a sinister turn for the worse. Her father sent me an urgent e-mail, asking me to call. His daughter had taken a butcher knife from the kitchen drawer, and was brandishing it about, threatening to stab him and cut up the fish in the family aquarium.

In the course of cast aways through God in Jesus' name, it was discovered that Penny had acquired possessive Killer spirits by the name of Bloody Mary.  These spirits would talk to her telepathically, telling her to kill every member of her family.

One subgroup of these killer spirits had adopted the name "Penny Borden Took An Ax, Gave Her Father Forty Whacks. When She Saw What She Had Done She Gave Her Mother Forty One!"

After the killer spirits had successfully been cast away in Jesus' name, problems in the bathrooms continued.  Penny would not take a shower or bath without having her mommy or daddy present. At night, she was afraid to sleep alone.

It was discovered that Bloody Mary spirits had claimed possession of each of the bathroom mirrors. They had transferred from the vanity mirror in her bedroom to the vanity itself, and from there to items that were placed on the vanity and those that were stored in its drawers. When Penny wore these items, spirits transferred to her and to each piece of furniture she sat on. When Penny's father set a can of Pepsi on the vanity, then later took a drink from it, Bloody Mary spirits who had transferred to the can had transferred to him. In short, Bloody Mary spirits had managed to transfer either directly or indirectly to virtually every room and person in the house.

This was possible because demonic spirits work in extremely large groups capable of sub-dividing into large and small subgroups; i.e., there were plenty to go around. Any of the groups, no matter how large or how small, was capable of wreaking havoc in the lives of Penny's family.

Fortunately, Penny's father had the mindset of a military man capable of thinking like the enemy. Between his military thinking and my knowledge of spirits and how they work, with the help of God, we were able to rout out all the spirits of Bloody Mary and cast them away in Jesus' name.

*Note: There is no such thing as a real ghost. Spirits who pretend to be ghosts are actually demonic spirits. Demonic spirits are the fallen angels spoken of in Revelation. Attempting to cast them away when they have a right to be with a person will result in their having a right to return and bring their demonic friends with them.

Slender Man

Note: Like Bloody Mary, Slender Man is a human creation that spirits have adopted as their own. The figure of Slender Man has arms that reach to the floor. Some images show him as a tree, with his arms extended as branches. Among other guises, demonic spirits now use the Slender Man persona to appear to humans. I received an e-mail from one of his victims, saying he had appeared in her bedroom at night -- standing in the corner, watching her.


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