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Who Terrorize Our Children

There is no single entity that plays the part of the Bogeyman.  The appearance of the Bogeyman varies, depending upon the demonic spirits playing the part.  I say "spirits" rather than "spirit" because spirits work in groups, with several spirits playing a single role.  Putting this another way, if your child is being terrorized by a "bogeyman" named Boris, Boris may very well be six or nine spirit groups (or even a hundred or more) (fallen angels) in one.

Bogeymen come in all sizes and appearance, ranging from monsters to zombies and everything in between.  A favorite way the bogeyman chooses to appear is in the form of a hooded character with no face. The hooded robe is usually black, but the color may vary.  Usually the hood has a point at the top.  The entity looks like the stereotype Grim Reaper without a scythe.  I personally know of at least a dozen children who have been victimized by a bogeyman of this description. I'm quite sure there are thousands of others.  My own son was one of them when he was a child.  So was my husband's daughter.

Hooded Bogeyman

As a result of my having used a Ouija Board in high school, done Automatic Writing in college, and gone for Psychic Readings as an adult, I had opened the door to demonic spirits and set my future son up to become a victim of harassment.  That harassment came when my son was four years old in the form of a faceless spirit clothed in a hooded cloak that would stand at the foot of his bed at night.

This spirit would often give my son the illusion of going out of body and being put on a high shelf in his closet where he would sit terrified, watching his physical self lying in his bed as he waited for the spirit to let him go back into his body.  The night my son tried to call to me, the spirit took his voice away.  When my son got out of bed to try to make a dash for my bedroom, the spirit flung an energy net over him that stung him like a jelly fish.

A little girl I worked with when I had my ministry helping victims of demonic harassment break free had a Bogeyman spirit that would come into her room at night and stand by her bed.  The spirit actually called itself a "Bogeyman" and said it would kill her parents if she told them about him

Another child had a "bogeyman" who "lived in her closet."  Her mother couldn't see it or sense its presence, but this spirit would come out of the closet at night to terrorize the little girl.  When her mother contacted me by e-mail to ask my advice, I told her there was a strong likelihood that her daughter was telling the truth., and that if she would send me her phone number I would call to talk to her little girl.  A few days later, connected by the phone line, this woman and I walked with her little girl up the stairs to her bedroom.  I instructed the woman to open the child's closet door.  Then, through God in Jesus' name, I addressed any spirits posing as the Bogeyman who were in the closet , and cast them away through God in Jesus' name.  The little girl saw the spirit (spirit group representing itself as a single entity) float out of her closet.  The mother felt it brush past her as it left,. "That's it," she said. "I'm out of here."

Often when children try to tell their parents what's happening to them at night, the parents will dismiss it as a nightmare, an overly active imagination, or too many scary movies. Often, the parents will turn on the light to show their child "There's nothing there."  But as soon as they leave the room, the bogeyman spirit will reappear..

I I worked with a man who was worried that his own unwise choices may have brought spirits into his young daughter's life.  When I asked what was happening with his daughter, he said "Nothing out of the ordinary.  She's scared at night to sleep in her room, but that's normal for little kids."

II told him this is not normal.  In Jesus' name, I then addressed the possibility that "bogeyman" spirits had come into his daughter's life and were scaring her at night.  There was a huge manifestation as they were cast away.

If your child is being terrorized by the Bogeyman, regardless of how the spirits may choose to appear -- there is something you can do about it.  My e-book "What Demonic Spirits Don't Want You to Know"  is available in pdf e-book format through this site, and in Kindle format through Amazon, soon to be in paperback. This book gives you all the information you need to know in order to banish the "Bogeyman" from your home and your child's life..


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Don't Want You to Know":

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