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Books, Movies, and Heavy Metal
 People often ask me whether spirits can come into their lives in association with books they read or movies they watch. I normally answer by telling the true story of what my former spirit guides (who swore they were of God, but turned out to be demons) told me regarding books and videos:

"Demonic spirits wait in video stores and bookstores to see who shows an interest in books or movies that are linked to the occult. If they buy the book or rent the movie, the demons follow them home." As I said, my former spirit guides were demons themselves (despite the fact that they claimed to be of God).  In other words, demons themselves admitted that demonic spirits wait in ambush for people to buy books or rent movies that are linked to the occult, so they can follow them home.

But it goes farther than that. In addition to the spirits that follow them home, there are spirits linked to the horror books and videos themselves, and they transfer to the people who read the books and/or watch the videos. Often these spirits harass their victims with nightmares or "sounds that go bump in the night."

I used to be a great fan of Steven King's books. I love his writing.  Not only is he a master story teller; some of his horror stories actually contain an element of humor!  I've read nearly all his novels. Unfortunately, I had demonic spirits in my life in association with every story of his I read. A spirit group that were cast out in the name of Pennywise manifested for doing things to negatively affect my appearance. Given that my husband and I are one, Pennywise spirits had transferred to him as well, and were doing the same thing to him as they were doing to me. 

I'm sure Steven King (who himself believes in God) has no idea that horror stories bring demonic spirits into the lives of the people who read them. I look forward to the day when he'll tire of writing about horror, and turn to a topic that's safe to read. When that day comes, I'll once again be his greatest fan.

It has been my experience, and the experience of the hundreds of harassment victims I've worked with from around the world, that spirits also transfer from T.V.  programs that deal with subject matter that's linked to the occult. Given that the Bible tells us time and again that we're not to eat or drink blood, it is not surprising that many teens have acquired spirits through watching popular shows about vampires.

Other topics that invite demonic spirits into our lives include witchcraft (black or white),  aliens, serial killers, pornography, psychics, mediums, alternative lifestyles, alternative religions, fairies, magical powers, mermaids, spiritist rituals, channeling, and Atheism.

Without exception (myself included), in the case of every demonic harassment victim I've worked with, there have been spirit groups in their lives from each and every movie, T.V. Show, or book they've seen or read relating to any of these topics. Despite the fact that each of these people had discontinued watching and reading stories of these types, the spirits were still with them (affecting their health, finances, relationships, etc.) until  they were cast away through God in Jesus' name.

With regard to heavy metal music, if it has demonic or violent lyrics, it invites demonic spirits. This is true of RAP music as well.  Of the harassment victims I've worked with who've been into Heavy Metal with violent or demonic lyrics, they've had spirits in their lives with regard to both the song and the heavy metal artist.

In the case of a couple I worked with where the man was into heavy metal, he didn't believe there were spirits in his life in association with the music he listened to. His significant other was convinced there were.   She is the one who contacted me. Together, we convinced Johnathan (who called himself a Christian) to allow me to address any demonic spirits who had come into his life in association with each of the Heavy Metal c.d.'s he habitually listened to. Johnathan readily agreed, fully expecting that there would be no manifestation.

As the demons from each of the heavy metal c.d.'s and those linked to each of the Heavy Metal artists were addressed and cast away through God in Jesus' name, Mary took pictures with her digital camera. In each of the pictures, taken at the moment the demons were cast away, there were orbs surrounding Johnathan's head and body. Orbs are a typical way for spirits to appear.

When the spirits from Ozzy Osborne's music and those linked to Ozzy as the artist were addressed, Mary's blood ran cold. Standing behind Johnathan was the figure of a man! Though she snapped a picture, the apparition did not show up in the photo. Nor were there any orbs. Mary, who was a graphic artist, drew an image of what she had seen through the view finder and sent it to me. Looking at the drawing, I could understand Mary's horror. The drawing looked like a portrait of the Joker from Batman!

Note: Ozzy Osborne is known to refer to himself as the Prince of Darkness.


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