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Stacie Spielman

Come Eddy Cut
Life in a Haunted House

Come Eddy Cut (Life in a Haunted House) is a fictionalized story of a family that moves into a house that is haunted by the "ghosts" of a woman and her children who died in a fire in the early 1900's. The events depicted in this story have been drawn from the experiences of harassment victims I've worked with from around the world. Names and descriptions have been changed to preserve the privacy of the former harassment victims.

Come Eddy Cut is the first of a series of fictionalized books I intend to write on the topic of demonic spirits and how they harass their victims. Each book in the series will contain a list at the end of the book of the types of harassment depicted in the story (in case some harassments weren't recognized by the reader), and a copy of my Open Doors list which names over 80 things that open the door for demonic spirits to come into our lives.

This book is available through Amazon. In the Kindle Store, do a search for Come Eddy Cut.

Excerpt from Come Eddy Cut:

The second night in their new home, Ginger slept fitfully.

 The third night she barely slept. Each time she began to drift off, she would snap awake with the eerie feeling someone or something was watching. Once, she imagined she heard the sound of children’s laughter coming from the attic!

 At dawn’s light, careful not to wake Dan, Ginger rolled off the camp cot and reached for the terry robe in the open suitcase on the floor beside it. She didn’t want to tell Dan what she’d thought she heard without checking things out first. If she told him she’d heard children’s laughter in the attic when their own kids were asleep on their cots, he’d think she was going bonkers.

 She tiptoed along the upstairs hallway to the wooden stairs leading to the attic. Being careful not to make a sound, she nearly had a heart attack when a stair creaked loudly beneath her feet. Something was going to have to be done with the stairways in this house. She made a mental note to mention the squeaks to Dan.

 When Ginger reached the landing at the top of the stairs, she paused to press her ear to the attic door. Nothing.

She felt foolish for having believed she’d heard children’s voices. She was glad she hadn’t told Dan.


 With renewed confidence, Ginger pushed open the attic door. The attic had apparently been a children’s playroom. There was a dust covered jack in the box, a ball, and a rocking horse. Other than that, the attic was empty except for cobwebs, an old iron, and an old wooden trunk sitting in the middle of the floor.

Goosebumps popped out on Ginger’s arms as the memory of the children’s laughter returned. It must have been her imagination. But why would she be imagining the sound of children laughing?  The laughter had sounded like giggles of children being tickled.  Could it be that the sound had come from the house next door?

End of Excerpt


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