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Crystal Power, Fact or Fiction

Even before the birth of Christ, crystals were believed to possess magic and mystical powers of healing and divination.  This belief was based, not on scientific knowledge, but upon the word of psychics, mystics and spiritists who received their information from the realm of the occult.

Crystal power is purported to have the ability  to deflect negative energy and ward off evil entities.  The amethyst is believed by many in the psychic/spirit realm to increase intuition and help us remember dreams.  The aquamarine is said to provide protection for the traveler; the garnet to heal the eyes and draw out bitterness and negativity; the sapphire to bring joy and peace to its wearer.

When I was involved with spirit guides, a Native American woman told me to buy amethysts for use in an energy pyramid in my apartment.   I was to put an amethyst in each corner of the apartment,  and call the appropriate energy (North, South, East, and West) into the amethyst crystals.  A final crystal with all the energies called into it was to be attached to the center of the ceiling to serve as an apex.


In addition to the dozens of amethysts I purchased, I wore a peridot pendant at all times suspended from a gold chain and was required to hold a tourmaline in my hand when communicating through the  pendulum and "board" with my spirit guides.  The board I'm referring to was a cardboard alphabet arc of letters similar to those on a Ouija Board. 



Prior to "learning" to communicate telepathically, I would communicate with my guides  by holding a pendulum above the board so my guides could swing the pendulum over the letters to spell out their message.  The truth is the spirits could have spoken to me telepathically at any time, but preferred to make me think it was an acquired skill.

After I met and joined forces with my husband to be, we were required by my guides to erect an energy pyramid in our house using energized amethyst crystals, and to make a protection box with separate compartments for each thing we held dear.  In each compartment, we were required to put an energy-charged amethyst and a note naming one person or item we wished to protect. We also each had to draw an icon to represent what we wanted our life to be; this icon had to be drawn in a continuous line that had no breaks.

Gold was also important.  We were instructed by my guides to embed gold nuggets in the surface of our newly constructed redwood "board" to discourage interruptions from dark spirits when talking through the board to my guides.

Contrary to what I'd been told it would do, the peridot which was supposed to provide healing and balance had no effect whatsoever on my life except to give me headaches.  The amethysts in the protection box did nothing to protect me or my family.  Life inside the energy pyramid was no better than life outside it.  And the gold did nothing to discourage  interruptions from the "dark ones."   (My spirit guides were dark ones as well, so the interruptions were nothing more than them interrupting themselves to waste time and frustrate us.)

Note:  There are people for whom the crystals appear to work. But this is not because the crystals have mystical powers.  It's because the spirits these crystal owners are dealing with are giving the illusion that the crystals work.

As long as I was involved with the psychic realm, which I now know to be of the occult, I was able to hold a crystal in my hand and feel that crystal's vibration.  In this way I could supposedly judge the purity of the crystal.  Interestingly enough, after I broke ties with the occult, I no longer had this ability.


When my husband and I visited the Empire mine and mineral shop in Grass Valley, California, there was a giant quartz crystal almost as tall as I was, and weighing at least a ton, on display.  As I walked by the crystal, I felt my entire energy reserve whoosh out of my body, leaving me weak and trembling, and barely able to breathe.  With my husband's arm around my waist for support, I staggered out of the mineral shop.  My guide then spoke to me telepathically, saying that I was far too sensitive to the power of crystals to have gone near the giant quartz. 

After breaking free of the spirit realm, my "sensitivity" vanished.  I could now sit on the quartz crystal and feel no effects.   This is because the demonic spirits who had given me that sensitivity are no longer in my life.

A person who's into crystals might suggest that the reason my crystals didn't work as they were supposed to is that they had been tainted by too many people touching them, or their powers had been weakened when they were cut or polished.  My response to these suggestions is that I did everything in my power to prevent others from touching my crystals. When my efforts failed, I went through the ritual of cleansing the crystals with clear filtered water, then drying them in sunlight; or the alternative method of soaking them in salt water each time they were touched, and calling energy back into them as needed.  With the exception of the peridot, none of my crystals had been cut or polished, so this was not a factor in their failure to perform.

Viewing crystals from my current perspective, it's difficult to believe that I once fell for that psychic/spirit rhetoric.  But that's how it is when you're involved with that realm. Psychics and spirit guides can be very convincing.  A spirit can convince a person the moon's made of green cheese then give him  the illusion of traveling by astral projection to cut a piece off and eat it!  You may think I'm being facetious, but I'm not.

Speaking from first hand knowledge and experience, if you own and/or wear a crystal that has had powers assigned -- regardless of whether or not you're the one who assigned those powers -- the crystal is of the occult and has spirits "attached."

What if you didn't buy the crystal?  What if it was just an innocent gift?  The answer to this question is simple.  If someone gives you a crystal with a card attached that speaks of that crystal's powers, even though your friend means well, the crystal is of the occult.  Owning and/or wearing it has the potential of bringing demonic harassment into your life.

If you don't believe me when I say energized crystals are linked to the occult, consider this:  When my husband and I were "taking our stand" to break free of the spirit realm and the occult, we took the amethysts from our protection box to a nearby bridge at midnight on Halloween to dispose of the crystals by dumping them into the rocks below.

A few months later we received a flyer in the mail listing the newest haunted areas near and around our home. Among them was the bridge where we had dumped our amethysts.

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