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Stacie Spielman

Demonic Spirits

Ghosts? Or Fallen Angels?

Spirits can choose to appear in any form. Sometimes they choose to be beautiful. Other times they may choose to be ugly and frightening. Often, they take on the appearance of an angel, a bogey-man (the more ghoulish the better), a skeleton, or even a fairy or departed loved one.   Hard as it may be for most Christians to believe, demonic spirits will not even hesitate to appear as the Virgin Mary or Jesus Himself.  

Facts About Spirits:

Regardless of whether they represent themselves as guides, ghosts, or guardian angels, spirits have miraculous powers including the ability to see into the future as well as the past. This is because in the spirit realm, past, present and future exist simultaneously.

Spiritual entities can choose to appear to one person in a room while not appearing to another. Their appearance may take the form of human, animal, mysterious lights, a wisp of fog, a cloud of glitter, a shadowy movement seen from the corner of one's eye, or even an inanimate object.

When entities are present,  they may choose to raise or lower the temperature of a room. They may cause a person to have goose bumps, or even tighten the scalp to make the person's hair stand on end. They may or may not choose to emit an odor such as oranges, sulfur, cologne, body odor, or cigar smoke.

Spirits can change the temperature of shower water to make it run hot when the faucet is turned to Cold, and make it run cold when the faucet is turned to Hot.  I have personally experienced having scalding temperature water suddenly come on, even though the faucet was turned all the way to Cold. After casting the harassing spirits away through God in Jesus' name, the water temperature returned to cold.

Given their divine origin (They're the fallen angels spoken of in Revelation), spirits can cause or relieve pain and symptoms of disease. In at least some cases of Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy,  M.S., and A.L.S.  demonic spirits are involved. In each of the cases I've worked with, when the demonic spirits causing or exacerbating the symptoms were cast away through God in Jesus' name, the symptoms have disappeared or improved unless damage has already been done. Spirits have also been implicated in stimulating nerves to cause "buzzing under the skin."  I'm not implying that all cases of these conditions involve demonic harassment.  But I am saying that harassment is sometimes -- perhaps often --  a factor in these and dozens of other diseases.

Spirits can see into a person's body to locate areas of good health or vulnerability. (When I was involved with spirit guides, my "healing guide" would give telepathic reports of exactly what was happening in the body of the person I was trying to heal. )

Believe it or not, I worked with a child who had numerous groups of spirits who came to her from watching a Pokemon cartoon! Her mother said the daughter had stopped watching as soon as she realized the cartoon contained spells. (This family had had enough experience with spirit harassment that the daughter knew what things to avoid.) When her mother was throwing the cartoon and related Pokemon materials away, her hands went numb.  The numbness didn't leave until the spirits causing it were cast away. When my husband and  I went on the web to research this children's cartoon character, spirits came to both of us from the two websites we visited.  I have never watched a Pokemon cartoon, and prior to this had no idea of the subject matter.  The Pokemon character looks innocent enough.  But if the subject matter of the cartoons and/or video games involves spells, or anything of that sort, that would explain the spirit involvement.

In some instances, spirits may mimic or cause the symptoms of Schizophrenia.  I have worked with many harassment victims of Schizophrenia who had been hospitalized and released, with the voices still talking in their heads.  When the demonic sprits harassing them had been cast away, these people were no longer Schizophrenic.  Note: prattling and chattering spirits are among the most persistent.  As such, they can be the most difficult to get rid of.

An autistic child I worked with had spirit curses of Autism and Animal Behavior against her.   In addition, she had curses of isolation, Alopecia, and incontinence.  Many of the spirits in this little girl's life had came as a result of her doctor and parents' having used an occult form of Kinesiology to prescribe her medication.

 I have worked with one child who had spirits causing symptoms of Opposition Defiance Disorder; after the spirits were cast away through God in Jesus' name, this girl no longer had an O.D.D. problem.  During the course of my former phone ministry,  I never had occasion to work with a victim of Turrett's, but when I was working with the girl who had O.D.D., one of the departing  spirits harassing her volunteered the information that there's spirit involvement in Tourett's Syndrome as well.  This came as no surprise to me.  I had always suspected as much. Spirits have also manifested as causing or being involved with OCD.  I'm not saying these conditions cannot result from medical  or psychologial causes. I'm merely stating that it's been my experience that spirits can cause or exacerbate these conditions as well.

Once a person has given a spirit permission, directly or indirectly through channeling or even seemingly innocent ties to the occult, it can read that person's thoughts, as well as plant thoughts in the person's mind.  This is difficult for most Christians to accept, given that most believe Christians can't be harassed,  but I have found it to be true over and over again. (All the harassment victims I've worked with have been Christians. When I had my ministry helping demonic harassment victims break free, others requested my help, but I explained to them that spirits leave only through God in Jesus' name and that if they didn't believe in God and in Jesus as his son, I couldn't work with them.

In cases of demonic harassment, spirits can make use of a person's vocal cords, move his body parts, blur his vision, cause itching, ringing of the ears, muscle twitches and cramps, or create involuntary and inappropriate sexual arousal, even though that person is not possessed.

Spiritual entities can imitate voices, insert voices onto recorded tapes; create tastes, fragrances, and unpleasant odors, rattle doors or windows, open doors (even those that are locked), create light in a darkened room (often in the form of swirling colors), toss items around, hold doors shut, and move heavy objects.

Spirits can move a planchette on a Ouija Board, swing a pendulum, guide the pen in automatic writing, and control a person's fingers in automatic typing. These things are normally done to tell the future or impart other supernatural knowledge. These beings can also speak both audibly and telepathically, as well as giving dreams and visions.

Spiritual entities can make a person feel loved or hated.  They can cause depression, fear, a feeling of utter peace, paranoia, or unexplained euphoria. They enjoy wasting a person's time, causing simple tasks to take much longer than they should to complete.  Spirit guides often try to isolate a person from family and friends who don't believe in them, create jealousy or paranoia, and goad that person into spending beyond his means.

Spiritual beings can move the air to create a breeze or wind, even in a room whose windows and doors are closed, turn lights off or on, and even make an ordinary light bulb glow brighter. Some have been known to write messages on steamy windows and mirrors. Entities of darkness thrive on anger, violence, depression, and negativity.

Evil entities often swear they're of the "light" or "of God" and do good things to make people believe they're good. These good deeds may take the form of helping a person in time of danger, relieving pain, seemingly bringing good fortune into their lives, or offering wise advice or seemingly loving comfort.  But this doesn't alter the fact that they're demonic.

In the spiritual realm, things tend to be done in threes or multiples of three.  But spirits also link in very large groups known as legions and military systems.

I have recently learned that spirits often form yokes between harassment victims and other people, places, things, and occult activities. I learned this in association with the Bible verse that warns against Christians being unequally yoked to people of othr beliefs.

Groups of spirits often prey on young children, old people, drug addicts, alcoholics, the bereaved, and other people who are vulnerable. They are masters of deception.

Visiting a psychic or spiritual medium, using a Ouija Board, or buying an amulet, talisman, or crystal that's had a power assigned will  bring demonic activity into your life.

Despite what psychics may say to the contrary, a spirit of darkness can claim to be of the light, does not necessarily give off a foul odor, and does not always cause a candle flame to flicker.

Contrary to the writings of some popular Christian authors, demons don't have to be ugly, filthy, have claws, or yellow or red eyes. The truth is that demons can choose to appear however they want, be it beautiful or hideous. If they choose to appear as a monster or bogeyman, it's for the purpose of frightening their victim.

Demons do not always approach from the left; spirits of the light do not always approach from the right. Demonic spirits do not talk faster than spirits of light unless they choose to.

Contrary to what most Christians believe, demonic beings do not always flee at the sound of Jesus' name. If a person has unbroken links to the occult, spirits may do this to fool the person into believing this will work every time. But there will come a time when the person invokes Jesus' name and the spirit refuses to leave.

Some spirit groups have specialties such as sexual impotence, infirmity, or obesity.  Others appear to be "jacks of all trades" when it comes to harassment.

Sometimes when spirits leave, other spirits take their place or shape shifting spirits already with the person may move up to the plate to take over the type of harassment the departing spirits had been doing.  Some spirit groups have specialties.  The ones I refer to as "jacks of all trades" specialize in taking over where departing spirits have left off in an effort to make their victim believe the original harassing spirits haven't left. Sometimes when spirits are being cast away, part of the group will temporarily leave to avoid being cast away.

Spirits can harass a person from a remote location such as from a house or apartment that person used to live in where he or she did something that was of the occult.  They may also harass from a an inanimate object,  spouse, sibling, parent, child, or family pet.

And finally, it is entirely possible for a demon to claim to be God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit. I have personally seen this happen.  Years ago, a demonic spirit appeared to me as Jesus kneeling on the floor in my living room, moving his fingertip about on the beige carpet as if writing in the sand. This spirit looked up at me through soulful brown eyes that could have melted my heart if I hadn't known Jesus is at the right hand of God and isn't coming back to earth till the end of the world.  I said an anti-harassment prayer (That's all I knew to do at that time), and the spirit masquerading as Jesus vanished.  Years later, I did a cast away through God in Jesus' name, just in case the group of spirits that had masqueraded as Jesus was still with me or in my house.  (Spirits always work in groups.) There was a manifestation.  Through God in Jesus' name I cast them away.

Many harassment victims I've worked with reported having "God" talk to them or the "Holy Spirit" speak through them in tongues.  In every case, when demonic spirits masquerading as God and/or the Holy Spirit were addressed, there was a manifestation. (Demonic spirits did something to make their presence known.) In one case when the false Holy Spirit was cast out, the woman saw a spirit come out of her chest and float across the room.

Note: It has been brought to my attention that a number of people have written to me and been disappointed because they didn't receive a reply.  If you've written to me and didn't hear back within 48 hours, this means your e-mail never arrived.  Perhaps there was a typo in the return address. Or perhaps (as is often the case) the spirits harassing you diverted your message or prevented it from arriving. If you're having trouble getting through to me, you might try asking a friend who is not a victim of demonic harassment to send me your name and e-mail address. When I receive it, I will reply.

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