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Stacie Spielman

Demonic Tattering

If you're a victim of demonic harassment, and you find yourself gaining weight and/or unable to lose weight despite healthy eating habits and a sensible exercise routine, you may be a victim of Demonic Tattering.


 if you've overweight and have tried one diet after another without success; if you walk on your treadmill daily and spend thirty minutes a day on an exercise bike, but have yet to burn fat, build bone density, or develop lean muscle; you could be a victim of Demonic Tattering.

 If you eat well, take daily supplements, and you still have symptoms of a vitamin or mineral deficiency, it's entirely possible that demonic spirits have tattered your food, drinks, supplements, and/or exercise equipment.

Tattering is a little known term for a type of demonic harassment in which demonic spirits affect food, drink, supplements, and/or exercise equipment so that no matter how few calories you consume, how healthy the food choices you make, or how faithfully you exercise and take your daily supplements, nothing you do is working. Not only is nothing working as it should; you may be experiencing the opposite results!

One woman I worked with had cut her calorie intake to less than a thousand calories a day. She was exercising thirty minutes a day, and drinking only water. Yet she had not lost a single ounce. Instead, she had gained six pounds! This woman was a victim of Demonic Tattering. Demonic spirits had tattered every type of food she ate, her vitamin/mineral supplement, and even the water she drank! After the tattering spirits were cast away, she began to lose weight as she should.

But food, drink, supplements, and exercise equipment aren't the only things that can be tattered. Demonic spirits can tatter human organs, limbs, thoughts, ideas, plans, and words.

I worked with a man who was a victim of tattering. This man had demonic spirits in his life who had caused his feet and Achilles tendons to go partially numb.  Every time a thought would enter his mind that his condition was improving, the tattering spirits would reverse the positive effect of his thoughts, and the numbness would get worse. When the condition of his feet and Achilles tendons would improve, as soon as he made plans to do anything enjoyable the tattering spirits would cause the numbness to return, thus spoiling his chance to have a good time.

The reason demonic spirits have the power to do this is that they're fallen angels. They know more about our bodies than any doctor could ever hope to learn. And  they have the power to affect our bodies, food, and response to exercise in ways that our strongest and most faithful efforts are unable to control.











Fortunately, as Christians, we have the authority through God in Jesus' name to cast  the harassing spirits out of our lives. My e-book "What Demonic Spirits Don't Want You to Know" tells you how.


What Demonic Spirits

Don't Want You to Know:

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