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Divination is the act of receiving information from higher sources (meaning the supernatural). There are countless forms of divination, many of which have been in use for thousands of years. ...

Of all the harassment victims I worked with through my former ministry, every one who had used any form of divination had demonic spirits in his or her life as a result, and the demonic harassment that comes with them.

Types of Divination

ASTROLOGY is divination using celestial bodies: the sun, moon, planets, and stars.

Despite the fact that there seems to be some validity to the things our horoscope and zodiac signs reveal, that doesn't change the fact that Astrology is of the occult.  The Bible speaks disparagingly of astrologers as "star gazers." With each harassment victim I've worked with who has ever done an astrological chart or commissioned one to be done, there were demonic spirits in his or her life (1) For doing the chart or having it done, and (2) spirits who had transferred from the person commissioned to do the chart.

BIBLIOMANCY (also known as Bible Roulette) is the act of allowing a Bible to fall open to a random page in hopes of getting a message from God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit.  Many Christians find it difficult to believe that this is a form of divination, and therefore invites demonic spirits.  But every victim of demonic harassment I've worked with who has ever done this has had demonic spirits in his or her life as a result. When cast aways were done through God in Jesus' name, these spirits have manifested (made their presence known).    In addition to having spirits in association with having done Bible Roulette, these people have had spirits who provided any messages they received.

CARTOMANCY is fortune telling using cards such as the Tarot. (I chose Mother Peace round Tarot  cards for my former sprit guides to train me with for the purpose of seeing my destiny.)  Tarot cards are one of the most popular forms of divination. Owning a deck of Tarot cards (even if you don't use them) is an open invitation for demonic spirits to "Come on in."  Telling fortunes with playing cards, like reading the Tarot, invites demonic spirits into the lives of the person telling the fortune and the person whose fortune is told.


PRECOGNITION is an inner knowledge or sense of future events. Clairaudience (clear hearing) and Clairvoyance (clear seeing) are two forms of E.S.P.   The powers of all forms of E.S.P. come from demonic forces.


CRYSTALLOMANCY is divination through crystal gazing, such as gazing into a crystal ball. This is among the oldest and widespread forms of divination. I once worked with a woman who saw a spirit float out of a crystal ball and into her body.


DOWSING or DIVINING RODS are methods of divination where a forked stick is used to locate water or precious minerals.  MAP DOUSING is done through the use of a pendulum held above a map.  I once saw a T.V. documentary in which a branch of the U.S. Government  was testing psychics on their accuracy in map dousing.  I assume the  researchers and map dousers had no idea that the powers behind map dousing are demonic.

NUMEROLOGY is the numerical interpretation of numbers, dates, and the number value of letters.  Although this may seem innocent enough, it is still a form of divination and still invites demonic spirits.


OCULOMANCY is divination from a person's eye.   Although I've never encountered this form of divination, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this (like all other forms of divination) involves demonic spirits.

PALMISTRY involves the interpretation of the lines and structure of the hand.   There are those that say palmistry can accurately predict events in a person's life such as lifespan, marriage, and the number of children the person will have.  But accurate or not, this is divination. Divination, no matter what the form, involves and/or invites demonic spirits.

PSYCHOMETRY is a form of E.S.P. in which a psychic obtains information about another person through paranormal means by holding an object belonging to that person. I did this myself when I was involved with New Age Spirit Guides.  I now know that the information provided to me was provided by demonic spirits.

SCIOMANCY is divination using a spirit guide.  This is a method generally reserved for channelers. The picture above was taken from a painting done of my former spirit guides. This was Saul, my healing guide.  Fallen angels, no matter how they choose to represent themselves, have the ability to see a certain distance into the future -- in part, based on Probabilities.



SCRYING is a term for divination using a crystal, mirrors, bowls of water, ink, or flames to induce visions. This method of divination is similar to crystalomancy.  Like Crystalomancy, this form of divination both invites and draws its powers from demonic forces.

TASSEOGRAPHY is the reading of tea leaves in the bottom of the tea cup once the tea has been drunk. 

The types of divination spoken of on this page are only a few of the hundreds of divination methods used by people throughout the world in their efforts to gain information through paranormal means.


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Don't Want You to Know:

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