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Who among us did not believe in fairies when we were children?  Who among us, tears in our eyes, could resist clapping our hands in an effort to help Peter save Tinkerbell? Walt Disney's Tinkerbell has won the hearts of children and adults alike from around the world, including mine. Children everywhere wish they had a fairy godmother like Cinderella's: a rotund little fairy lady who, by a simple wave of her wand, can turn rags into riches and pumpkins into carriages.  People of all ages love to escape from the humdrum of everyday life into the land of fairytales, into the world of magic.

And yet the stories of fairies are not all magic, fairy dust, and pots of gold. Myths and Fairy tales throughout history have included accounts of evil creatures with malevolent intentions. Curses and evil spells abound.

When children are frightened by the trolls and harmful spells cast by evil fairies in  stories we read them, we assure them there's nothing to be afraid of. Fairies don't really exist. They're just make believe. Or are they?


Is it possible fairies really exist? Or are they merely a creation of imaginative writers like the brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson? The answer to this question is a surprising Yes. They do exist, and they do have supernatural powers and the ability to cast spells on humans.

Fairies are a classification of demons who chose to appear as gods and goddesses of pagan times, and more recently as cute little winged creatures or the mischievous "little people" who were once believed to live in hills and wooded areas of Tirna nog, Tirna Nog, according to legend, is the land of eternal youth.

There was a time not so very long ago when fairies were seen in countries around the world. But with the passage of time, sightings of fairies have grown fewer and fewer. Now they're mainly seen in movies and video games, or read about in Fairy Tales.

There was an era in Pagan cultures when fairies (proper spelling, faieries) were revered, and actually worshipped as gods and goddesses. Spirits who appeared to sailors of yore as half woman and half fish were fairies known as mermaids. In some parts of the world, even today, mermaids are worshipped as goddesses. In Africa, a religious sect known as Mamiwata worships and makes sacrifices to the goddess of the sea.

In addition to fairies already mentioned, there are kelpies, sylphs, mymphs, elves, silkies, undines, sidhe,  nixies, darring, fir, wood fairies, rock fairies, fairies that live underground,  fairies of the points of the pentegram: Earth (minerals, metals, elements), Wind (air, gasses), Fire (heat), Rain (water, fluids), and Spirit ("ghosts," apparitions), Fairies of the Mist, and Fairies of the Dew. Depending upon the country, there can be many names for the same fairies. The goddess Rhiannon is the Fairy Queen, goddess of earth and fertility.

But regardless of what these spirits call themselves or how they choose to appear, fairies are demonic. They're a subgroup of the fallen angels spoken of in Revelation: the ones who were kicked out of Heaven along with Satan when there was war in Heaven. You won't find them called fairies in the Bible. They are found in pagan religions, witchcraft, and folklore, but the fact remains they are very real in the spirit realm.

I worked with a woman years ago whose grandfather in Africa was into Mamiwata, the worship of mermaids, and would make sacrifices of fruits and vegetables to the mermaid goddess. 

Given the fact that sins of the parents are passed on to their children, even to the third and fourth generation, spirits of the Mamiwata religion were passed down to Rachel. They were affecting her health, causing problems at her work, and had wrecked her relationship with her husband.  As they were cast away in Jesus' name, Rachel had a vision of African tribesmen dressed in native garb and carrying spears, walking toward a lake. As each group was cast away, they disappeared into the water. Once the last of the spirits of Mamiwata had been cast away in Jesus' name, Rachel was fine.  Prior to working with Rachel, I thought mermaids were simply mythological creatures. I had no idea they were water fairies, or that fairies were demonic spirits.

A teen-aged girl I worked with acquired possessive spirit personalities from playing video games about fairies. These possessive personalities were rebellious, disrespectful and obnoxious. When they were in control, Carlie would retreat to her room where she spent hours on end playing games on the computer, refusing to interact with her family. On the rare occasions when she joined the family for dinner, she was sullen and morose. Once the spirits from the fairy video games had been cast away in Jesus' name, Carlie's normal personality returned.

Another family had spirits in their lives that were linked to the crockery gnomes and fairies in their flower garden. They did not belong to a church of false doctrine, and had never dabbled in the occult. They were always careful not to watch movies or T.V. programs of questionable content. They had bought the mythical ceramic creatures because they thought they were cute. When it was finally discovered that the gnome and garden fairies were the source of the strange things that had begun to happen in their lives, they were more than happy to destroy them. Once the spirits of the fairy creatures were cast away in Jesus' name, the family had no further spirit problems.

I have since worked with many harassment victims who brought demonic spirits into their lives through books, stories, movies, video games, or an unwise choice of e-mail address, having to do with fairies.

Whether they take the form of tiny winged creatures, gnomes, leprechauns, or mermaids, these are all demonic spirits. Whether it's worship of them, pictures on clothing, toys, jewelry, movies, video games or stories about them, anything on any level having to do with fairies in any form invites demonic spirits into our lives.

Whether we think it's ridiculous or not (and many of us do), the fact that these spirits have the ability and the right to attack the health, finances, and relationships of those unwise enough to have anything to do with them, is reason enough to steer clear of them.

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