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 Images of   Jesus

  No one knows what Jesus really looked like, but artists from virtually every
country in the world have made an attempt to imagine how He might have looked
and to capture that image on canvas, paper, cloth, wood, glass, film, or whatever
material was available to them.



Many of those images depict Jesus as sad;


Others attempt to capture his compassion and the gentleness of his nature.


   Some depict him as solemn.


Some (though their paintings  may be beautiful),  make Him  appear almost effeminate.
The fact that Jesus was a carpenter by trade makes it unlikely, in my opinion, that this is
what He would have looked like.




Still Others prefer to depict the important events in His life on earth.


Actors who've portrayed Jesus on screen include Jeremy Sisto, Robert Powell, Jeffrey Hunter,
 Jim Caviezel,  Chris Sarandon, Max Von Sydow, Claude Heater, H. B. Warner,  Christian Bale,  William DeFoe, John Rubenstein, and Brian Deacon. Cameron Mitchell did the voice in
Jesus Christ Superstar


\Below are images of some of these actors in their role as Jesus.

Jeremy Sisto

Robert Powell


Jocelyn Novek


Christian Bale

Jeffrey Hunter

William DeFoe


Chris Sarandon

John Rubenstein

HH. G. Warner

Bryan Deacon

Diogo Morgado

Jim Caviezel


Above is an image created by a modern day sculptor/artist who used a
plaster cast of a skull from the time of Jesus to create a realistic portrait
of what he believes Jesus Christ of Nazareth could have looked like..
With  a little hair and a head garment added, I think he may be right.


Having no idea whose portrayal of Jesus is correct (if any), and whose is wrong,
the image below is my personal favorite.


Christ is risen.  


Is Jesus the Only Way?

For facts about Jesus, click the link above.

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