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Demonic Spirits Who Play The Role of Imaginary Friends

In the course of my former ministry, I worked with a number of harassment victims who'd either had an imaginary friend as a child, or who had a child who had an imaginary playmate. In some cases, this imaginary friend first made an appearance in a time of stress or trauma.  In some, for children who habitually talked to a doll or stuffed animal, the doll or teddy bear suddenly began talking back!

A friend's daughter who was a victim of demonic harassment had a stuffed duck named Quack that she used to play with everyday.  After using a Ouija Board with her friends, Quack began to "talk to her."  Her brothers teased her mercilessly about carrying on conversations with Quack, often reducing Sally to tears.  Finally Quack disappeared. Sally had loved Quack. He'd been her best friend.  But when her dad asked what had happened to her duck, Sally said her brothers had teased her so much that she'd finally killed him.  

As an adult, married, and  with children of her own, Sally became addicted to both anti-depressants and alcohol. Often, she would take her pills with a glass or two of wine. Then came the night that the Quack or Ouija Board spirits  began urging Sally to take another pill, another drink, and another, and another. ,,"Think how good it makes you feel, Sally.  Just one more..." Bottom line, Sally ended up in the hospital having her stomach pumped, and would have died if her son hadn't found her in time.  Though I'm no longer in touch with Sally or her family, I'm certain the spirits who tried their best to kill her through an overdose of drugs and alcohol are still very much with her.

It is not uncommon for parents whose child has an imaginary friend to name the friend and set an extra place at the table, unaware that this is an open invitation for spirits to come into their child's life.

 In the case of a family who lived in a haunted house, there was a spirit who would play with their toddler, keeping the child occupied for hours at a time. This spirit would go up and down the stairway carrying the child's balloon. The parents had their house on the market, and were planning to invite the "ghost" to go with them when they moved to their new home.  At that time I was still involved with the spirit realm myself, so I was in no position to advise them.

In another case, a lonely adolescent girl acquired a "friend" through the use of a home-made Ouija Board.  She would talk to her Ouija Board friend for hours, believing it to be the spirit of a girl named Jessica.  Of course this wasn't the spirit of a girl. It was a demonic spirit.  I explained this to Barbara's mother,  who in turn explained it to Barbara.  They then destroyed the makeshift Ouija Board and, with their permission, I did a cast away through God in Jesus' name of the demonic spirit group known as Jessica.

A woman who'd had an imaginary friend as a child had acquired it as a result of her sister's holding a sťance and giving her to Satan! 

The imaginary friend represented itself as a man approximately four feet tall with skin the color and texture of clay.  Her family had named this "imaginary man" Fred.  At times when Margo was lonely or sad, Fred would keep her company.

As an adult, Margo was horribly harassed. When she and her husband would go shopping, her arms would flail as if she suffered from Turrett's.  When her husband talked to her,  Margo would involuntarily roll her eyes toward the ceiling as if she doubted the truth of her husband's words.  When lying down, Margo's body would twitch and be twisted by an unseen force into uncomfortable and unusual positions.

It turned out that Margo was possessed by the group of spirits who had played the role of the imaginary friend when she was a child -- the imaginary man who had looked like clay. There were nine groups of possessive spirits in all.  During the exorcism, they at first refused to go. Their basis for refusing to leave was that I was calling them by the wrong name. I was calling them Clay Man, for want of a better term. Finally one of them shouted through Margo "Stop calling us Clay Man! Our name is Fred!" If was at that point that Margo remembered that her family had named the imaginary friend Fred.  When I addressed them as Fred, and told them in Jesus' name to leave her, the possessive spirits finally left, and Margo's behavior returned to normal.

In another case, a man had created imaginary characters as a child, named Uzzer, Dudder, Digger, Barber, and Warker. He would play with his little sister, talking to these imaginary characters as if they were real. An an adult harassment victim, it was discovered that this man had demonic spirits in his life who had taken the names of Uzzer, Dudder, Digger, Barber, and Warker. Despite the fact that the way these demonic spirits were harassing him were addressed, the spirits refused to leave until we addressed them as Uzzer, Dudder, Digger, Barber, and Warker.

If your child has an imaginary friend,   I suggest you take stock of your own life to determine whether or not you've ever done anything to open the door for demonic spirits to harass your child.  If the answer is "Yes," there's a strong possibility that your child's "imaginary friend" is actually a demonic spirit.


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