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Stacie Spielman


Types of "Protection" people who are into Religion and
 the psychic realm frequently use to ward off evil spirits
include but are not limited to:

Blessed Crucifix

Any item used for protection from demonic forces is of the occult, even if it's a crucifix or other religious item such as a St. Christopher medal.  When I told this to an harassment victim I worked with and advised her to dispose of the crucifix she'd been using for protection, demonic spirits manifested by surrounding the crucifix with an electrical charge so she couldn't pick it up.  When the spirits causing the electric charge were cast away, the woman was able to pick the crucifix up and dispose of it.

Dream Catchers


Native American dream catchers are intended to trap nightmares. Many parents whose children are victims of demonic harassment hang dream catchers in their children's bedrooms in hopes of providing their children with peaceful sleep. What these parents don't realize is that -- in addition to not preventing nightmares -- hanging the dream catchers will attract more spirits -- perhaps even those who play the role of a "bogeyman."

I do not mean in any way to imply that the Native Americans who make them are evil or that they have anything but the best intentions. I'm simply stating from experience that anything that's been assigned a power -- in this case, the power to trap nightmares -- is of the occult and invites demonic spirts.

Kachina Doll

Kachinas are believed to be guardians or messengers to the gods. (Notice I said "gods" plural.)

Southwest Native American tribes such as the Navajo,  Zuni and Hopi, make Kachina dolls for use in religous ceremonies, as well some tribes making them for sale to tourists.

What the spirits taught the elders of the tribes long ago was then taught to the children and other adults through  representations in the Kachina dolls.

I've worked with many harassment victims who owned Kachina dolls simply because they liked them and felt they were worthy additions to their den's decor. But the fact that the dolls are part of a spiritist culture means demonic spirits are linked to them. I'm not implying in any way that the Native Americans who make and sell them are evil. I'm merely stating a fact that anything involved with spirits is of the occult.I

II worked with an harassment victim whose father-in-law had a valuable Kachina doll collection. The harassing spirits didn't leave this woman alone until the collection of dolls was moved to the father-in-law's room, and the spirits attached to the dolls were bound in Jesus' name from harassing her from that remote location..


Garlic hung in the doorway is said to repel evil spirits and negative energy.  This is nothing more than folklore and witchcraft.

Though used throughout history for protection against evil forces, the protective power of this miraculous herb is unfortunately limited to its blood thinning properties and its ability to kill bacteria and viruses.  The harassment victims I've worked with who've hung garlic for protection -- without exception -- have had additional demonic spirits in their lives as a result.

Holy Water

Holy Water is used for protection and for blessings of Purity.  Priests even use it in exorcisms. Whether it's used in an effort to protect, to purify, or to drive out demons , the fact remains that powers are being assigned.

Anything with a power assigned opens the door to demonic forces -- even if we call it holy.


I've known of priests who've advised harassment victims to sprinkle salt across their threshold and around the perimeter of their house or place of business to ward off evil spirits. Far from driving demonic spirits away, salt for protection attracts them!

As a matter of fact, harassment victims have told me that after following the priest's advice to sprinkle salt, the harassment  has gotten worse.



When I was involved with New Age spirit guides who swore they were of God but turned out to be demons, they told me to use tourmaline to prevent interruptions in communication, and amethysts for personal  protection.

Needless to say, the Tourmaline did not prevent interruptions and the energized amethysts did not protect me.  Instead, they brought additional spirits into my life.

The same was true of the energized amethysts used to construct an energy pyramid in my home, on the advice of a Native American woman I met through my spirit guides.

Living in the energy pyramid of protection, by the way, did absolutely no good.  All it did was bring more demonic spirits into my life, and with them more harassment.

Protection Talismans and Amulets


Every harassment victim I've worked with who has ever owned or worn a talisman or amulet for protection or any other purpose has had additional demonic spirits in his/her life as a result -- even if it's a St. Christopher medal.


Many people believe the Holy Bible kept under the pillow will prevent nightmares. Wrong.

Even the Bible is of the Occult when a power of any sort has been assigned.  In this case the power is to prevent bad dreams.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say to use it for protection.

 Sage, Other Herbs, and Incense
for Smudging

Smudging with sage is supposed to protect against negative magick used against you. 

For those who are unfamiliar with smudging, to smudge means to burn an herb -- usually in a ceramic dish or seashell set in a base of sand -- and fan the smoke with a feather to fill the room you're in. When you're finished with one room, you move on to smudge each of the other rooms in the house.  When the smudging is finished, the windows are opened to allow the smoke and negative energy to flow out. At least that's what occult practitioners believe.

When a priest smudges the altar and congregation with the smoke from burning incense or sandalwood for purification, he doesn't realize that this is of the occult, or that it brings spirits into the lives of those who are being smudged.

The act of smudging originated with the spiritist culture of the Native Americans. I am not implying that Native Americans are evil. I am simply stating facts based on what I've observed when working with harassment victims who've been smudged or have smudged their homes or places of business.

The cold truth is that sage and other herbs -- or incense -- burned for smudging have zero power to purify anything or protect us from evil. Smudging of any kind invites demonic spirits, regardless of whether it's done in the church, in the home, in a sweat lodge, or as part of a spiritist ritual.

Blessed Oil

In Bible times there were no prescription medicines. Wine and olive oil were all they had. So when the Bible speaks of calling the elders to anoint with oil and pray for healing, it's telling the people to call the elders to apply their medicine and pray for God to heal the sick person.

The Bible says nothing of anointing with oil for protection.

I worked with an harassment victim who had anointed herself and her children with olive oil she had prayed to bless.  She did this for protection. But, far from protecting her and her children, the oil invited more demons into their lives. God doesn't bless things that are to be used for an occult purpose. Christianity does not require methods of protection other than prayers to God in Jesus' name.


Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel figures worn to protect the wearer, or hung in the car  to protect the driver and passengers have the exact opposite effect.  Due to the fact that they've been assigned a power of protection, they're of the occult.  Anything used for the occult invites demonic spirits

I once worked with a woman who often had headaches when she drove.  This woman had been involved in a number of  fender bender accidents in the past six months.  When we addressed any demonic spirits attached to the guardian angel figure hanging from her rear-view mirror, there was a manifestation. After the spirits were cast away through God in Jesus' name, the headaches and fender benders  were no longer a factor.

Picture of Jesus

Hanging a picture of Jesus for protection will have the opposite effect. Jesus is a member of the Holy Trinity, but assigning a power to an artist's depiction of Him is of the occult, as surely as if it were a pentagram.

Statue of Virgin Mary

The Virgin Mary is loved and revered by Christians throughout the world. Mary was a good and righteous woman, worthy of being chosen to bear God's son.  But the Bible says nothing of her being divine or of having the power to heal, perform miracles, or answer prayers. Demonic spirits, however, will not hesitate to do these things in Mary's name.


The pentagram is known to be of the occult, yet many people wear pentagrams for protection regardless of whether or not they're into Witchcraft or Satanism.  It goes without saying that demonic spirits come "linked" to the pentagram even if the owner or wearer is a Christian.

White Light and/or Colors of Protection


Surrounding oneself by a circle or dome of imaginary white light is perhaps the best known form of psychic "protection."  I used it the entire time I was involved with New Age spirit guides.  In the end when my guides revealed their true identity as demons, they revealed that they'd been laughing at me for years for my belief that white light could protect me. Beyond this, I had additional spirits in my life for having done it.

It is believed in much of the psychic realm that certain colors other than white light also protect.  The most "powerful" color other than white is said to be blue.  Using colors for protection is just as much of the Occult as surrounding oneself with the imaginary white light.

Eye of Horus


I worked with an harassment victim whose fiancÚ had hung the Eye of Horus over their front door for protection.  When she climbed on a chair to try to take it down, the demonic spirits attached to it  tried to knock her off the chair.

I've worked with literally hundreds of harassment victims, helping them to identify the things in their lives that have opened the doors to the demonic.  In every case -- without exception -- demonic spirits have manifested in association with anything for which a power had been assigned. This includes all of the items above, as well as the many protection items not referred to on this page.


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