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Stacie Spielman

Media Page

Stacie Spielman is a recognized authority on matters of the paranormal. She is the author of the true stories Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel and Nowhere to Turn. Her recently published self-help e-books Spirit Harassment From A to Z, Things That Invite Demonic Spirits, and What Demonic Spirits Don't Want You to Know are available in pdf format through this website, in Kindle format through, in Nook format through, and in all other Reader formats through

Stacie's qualifications for writing on this topic are that for seven years she lived in daily contact with spirit guides. At the end of those seven years, when her guides who had sworn they were of God revealed their true identity as demons, Stacie turned her back on them and other aspects of the paranormal and wrote a book about her experiences entitled Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel. To date, the combined sales and free downloads of this book number in excess of 500,000.

 In the aftermath of writing Betrayed, for four years Stacie had a personal ministry geared toward helping victims of demonic harassment break free.

Stacie has been a guest on Paranormal radio, internet radio with Guy Malone in Roswell, New Mexico, Mary's Menagerie at Monk's Media Network, KJAY radio in Sacramento,  and a.m. radio and T.V. in Arizona.

Through her former personal ministry working with victims of demonic harassment, Stacie has helped hundreds of harassment victims from around the world identify the source of their harassment, and the reasons for it. Working one-on-one through e-mail, telephone, and/or Skype, she has led harassment victims through the necessary prayers preceding and leading up to the casting away of harassing spirits. In addition to teaching harassment victims how to do their own spirit cast aways through God in Jesus' name, Stacie has done tens of thousands of cast aways through God in Jesus' name on behalf of the harassment victims she's worked with, including numerous exorcisms.

Stacie lives in the Sacramento area of California. If your organization would like to have her as a speaker or to conduct a class on the topic of haunted houses, demonic spirits, what things open the door for demonic spirits to enter, and what must be done in order to break free, Stacie can be reached at Be sure to write Media Page in the subject line so your message won't be mistaken for Spam.

If you are the host of a radio show and would like to have Stacie as a guest, Stacie can be contacted at the above e-mail address. In the subject line, please type Media Page so your message won't be mistaken as Spam.

Note from Stacie: I answer all e-mails, so if you haven't heard back from me within 36 hours you'll know I didn't receive your message.


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