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Nocturnal (Sleep) Hypnosis

Years ago, my husband and I used to attend the state fair every year for the express purpose of attending the hypnotist's show. We enjoyed his shows so much that we even purchased tickets to attend a two hour show at a local hotel. The show was hilarious.

The hypnotist we'll call Jason first asked for volunteers to come up on stage and be hypnotized. Many people volunteered, but not all of them were susceptible to hypnosis. To everyone's surprise, including Jason's, a woman in the audience who had not been selected to go up on stage was hypnotized! The man sitting next to her stood and got Jason's attention so that Jason could wake her from the hypnotic trance. Given that she was so susceptible, Jason put an extra chair on the stage for her.

Approximately a dozen volunteers were chosen (among them, an attractive young woman in her early twenties) and asked to sit on chairs arranged in a semi circle. Jason then hypnotized all of them at the same time. (I had heard of this on a Sylvia Browne tape in which she spoke of hypnotizing the entire congregation of Novus Spiritus, the church she had founded, and having them call upon spirit guides. The guides, of course went home with them when the service was over.)

Jason told the volunteer group to go to sleep. He then explained to the audience that he was going to give one group member the hypnotic suggestion that he was allergic to pepper. Any time this man heard the word "pepper," he would start to sneeze. This in turn would trigger a sexual orgasm in a woman who would be told that anytime she heard a sneeze, she would climax.

He then woke the volunteers, and made the hypnotic suggestions regarding pepper and sexual arousal. (For the orgasms, he chose the attractive young woman.) Other suggestions were made to other members of the volunteer group, but I'm using only this man and this woman to make my point.

As Jason began to speak about mundane topics, he threw in the word "pepper" wherever possible. Every time the man heard the word pepper, he began to sneeze uncontrollably, and the young woman started to squirm in her seat, impervious to the laughter issuing from the audience. Throughout the two-hour performance, Jason must have mentioned the word Pepper at least two dozen times. Moaning in ecstasy and writhing in her seat, the young woman climaxed so many times that by the end of the performance she was so exhausted she could barely walk without the assistance of her friend who came up onto the stage to help her.

Jason made the post hypnotic suggestion that none of the volunteers would remember any of what had taken place.

Several years prior to this, I had gone to a hypnotist who sold me a self-hypnosis tape for the purpose of Past Life Regression. I had supposedly discovered several past lives, the stories of which are included in the article Reincarnation Up Close and Personal (available through this website in pdf format, and in Kindle format through Amazon.

 I don't recall what alerted me to the possibility that hypnosis is of the occult. I just remember addressing any spirits who had come into my life in association with the hypnotist I had gone to, and the tape I had purchased. There were manifestations for spirits who had transferred from the hypnotist, for having come with the tape, and for each of the "past lives" I had discovered.  When I addressed any spirits who had come into my life, my husband's, and ours as a couple and as one, as a result of the hypnosis shows we'd attended, there was a gigantic manifestation.

Years later, when I was working with an harassment victim who could not seem to break free, I asked God to make the spirits affecting him reveal how they were doing it. The strong man said it was through nocturnal hypnotic suggestions made by demonic spirits.  After testing to make certain the strong man had told the truth, I began addressing nocturnal hypnotic suggestions for harassment victims I was working with. There were manifestations in every case for the suggestions themselves, and for the post hypnotic suggestion to forget that hypnosis had taken place.

Then I addressed these things for my husband and myself, and discovered they had been used against us a well. I addressed this for every type of health problem we've experienced, every type of financial difficulty, and for everything that I viewed as negative about either of our personalities. There was a manifestation for nocturnal hypnotic suggestions for everything I addressed. These can only be broken in the Redeemer's name. (See my e-book What Demonic Spirits Don't Want You to Know)

 In researching what part of the brain is involved in hypnosis, I learned that it is the precuneus. For every harassment victim nocturnal hypnosis applied to, I addressed spirits who had affected the precuneus. In every case, there was a manifestation.

But it went beyond this. There were separate groups of demonic spirits who were affecting (1) the precuneus as a whole (2) the top of the precuneus (3) the bottom (4) the front (5) the back (6) the   left side and (7) the right side.

These nocturnal hypnotic suggestions appear to affect everything in the human body.  For every type of health-related harassment, there were manifestations for affecting the precuneus. But even beyond harassment that affected the health, there were hypnotic suggestions that affected personalities, relationships, and finances.

 I have become convinced that the majority of demonic harassment is the result of nocturnal hypnotic suggestions.

"What Demonic Spirits

Don't Want You to Know:

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