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Stacie Spielman

Open Doors

I am aware that the contents of this page will be controversial.  Some items may even sound ludicrous or inconsequential. (Even I was surprised that spirits would be involved in the more "innocent" items such as fairies and mermaids, or sexual acts between a husband and wife such as oral sex or the acting out of sexual fantasies. But that doesn't change the fact that they are.)

If you, your spouse, or your ancestors have done or experienced any of the things on this list, you have demonic spirits in your life as a result.

The Bible says that the sins of the father are passed down to the son, even to the third and fourth generation. It should not be surprising then, that many of the demonic spirits in our lives have been passed down from our ancestors. These are  Ancestral and Generational spirits.  (Although it would seem that it’s splitting hairs to call one group ancestral and another generational, that’s the way it is in the spirit realm.  One of the ways demonic spirits hide is by adopting names that are synonymous, thus splitting into two or more groups. This way if one group is cast away in Jesus’ name, the others don’t have to go till they, too, are addressed.

It would be nice if we could blame it all on our ancestors. Unfortunately, most harassment victims have done things – often seemingly innocent – of their own to open the door for demonic spirits to come into their lives. Following is a list of some of those things:

˃ Abortion

˃ Abuse (sexual, physical, mental or severe verbal) This applies to both the abuser and his or her victim.  (This is unfair, but demonic spirits don’t play fair.)

˃Adulterous Relationship (sex with another person’s spouse – even if they’re separated), or Fornication (sex between two singles who are not married),  Also threesomes, allowing a third party to watch, doing sexually explicit acts in the presence of children, swapping sex partners, and/or even a single sexual encounter with a member of the same gender

˃ Amulets and Talismans for Protection, Health, Love, Financial Success, etc. (includes religious medals)

˃ Anal sex (Sodomy). This doesn’t have to be the actual act of anal intercourse. It can be the use of anal sex toys, anal masturbation, or anal stimulation during intercourse or foreplay.

˃ Angel Board (basically Ouija, but with angel picture or specification that only "spirit of Light" can talk through it)

˃ Ancestors from a spiritist culture such as African, Eastern Religion, or Native American.  This is no reflection on the people of these cultures -- only on their beliefs.

˃Membership in Masonry or ancestors who were into Masonry. (There will be spirits from each level, having to do with the secret handshake, secret words, secret oaths, secret rituals, and secret curses. At higher levels, there may be spirits of oral sex, sodomy, and/or Luciferianism.

˃Ancestors who were abusers or victims of abuse, members of a spiritist culture, or involved with any aspect of the occult.

˃ Asking for spirit guides, regardless of whether any responded or not. This type of spirits are known as Familiar and can be extremely difficult to get rid of.

˃Astrological chart (making one, consulting one, or having one made)

˃Astrology: Includes studying zodiac signs to find out about personality traits. There are also spirits linked to our zodiac signs.

˃Automatic Drawing, Painting, Typing, and Writing

˃Belief in Magical Creatures such as Fairies, Sprites, Pixies, Nymphs, Mermaids or Leprechauns (also movies and games that include these magical creatures)

Note: Fairies do actually exist. But they are simply demonic spirits appearing in fairy form.

˃Bible Roulette (sometimes called Bibliomancy): Letting a Bible fall open randomly in an effort to get a message from God. This is a form of Divination, and brings spirits for the act of Bible Roulette, as well as spirits who provide any messages received.

˃Bleach, salt, garlic, smoke, sage, crystals or anything else other than prayer used in an effort to drive out demons

˃Blessed Crucifix or Religious Medals worn, carried, or hung on the wall or in a vehicle for protection (Spirits will also be attached to the wall the blessed crucifix or other item of protection was hanging on, and to the vehicle where items of protection once hung from the mirror, dashboard, etc.)

˃Bloody Mary (also called Mary Worth). The spirits of Bloody Mary are normally Killer spirits.

˃Blood Brothers or Blood Sisters (ritual of pricking fingers and exchanging drops of blood)

˃Cadaverous Tissue (often used when tissue is needed in surgery, such as in the construction of a supportive sling, or for skin grafts in the case of burn victims)  These spirits can be cast away.

˃Candles to determine presence of spirits; candles as part of a magic ritual; candles for protection, candles lit for the dead

˃Catholic, Adventist, Jehovah’s Witness, Pentecostal, Church of Christ, Church of God, Mormon,  Christian Science, and all other churches of false doctrine and/or occult practices.

*Note:  I don't mean to be picking on people of these religions. I am merely pointing out that  membership in or attendance of any of these churches has been shown over and over again to invite demonic spirits because of the occult nature of some of their rituals or beliefs that conflict with the teachings of the Bible.

˃Crystal ball

˃Cult or Gang Membership

˃Cursing God, or saying you hate Him

Note: People who speak in tongues curse the Holy Trinity without their knowledge.  Cursing the Holy Spirit would normally be the one unforgiveable sin. But since it's a demon speaking through the person's mouth and the person doesn't know what it's saying, these spirits and the others who came as a result can be cast away in Jesus' name.

˃Desecrating a Church

˃Demonic Films, Books, and Websites (no matter whether they're recent or not)

˃Demonic games such as Dungeons and Dragons

˃Demonic or violent video games (I worked with a boy who acquired Killer spirits from playing war games and a video game that involved killing zombies.)


˃Dream catchers (Spirits will also be attached the wall the dream catcher hung on.) Even the little dream catcher key chains that we receive in the mail come with demonic spirits attached. The same is true of peace pipes and other ceremonial items. (I don’t know why spirits would be linked to peace pipes, but it has been my experience that they are.)

˃Drug Addiction

˃Eastern and other non-Christian Religions (prayers or shrines to gods of other religions)

˃Jewelry that contains pagan signs, carvings of gods, pagan symbols or charms (usually from Egyptian, Asian, Eskimo, Native American, or other spiritist cultures)

˃Energized Crystals or crystals that have been assigned a power of some sort such as healing or protection

˃Energy Grids

˃Energy Pyramids

˃Eye of Horus

˃False Doctrine

˃Fortune Telling of any kind – even tea leaves

˃Garlic or other herbs for protection

˃Ghost Hunting

˃Guardian Angel: Talking to, or asking for one. The Bible speaks of ministering angels, but does not say that a guardian angel is assigned to each human.

˃Guardian Angel figure hung in the car for protection. (Also any figurine  that has been assigned the power of protection, even as a joke.)

˃Hands-On Healing that Involves pulling out Negative Energy or infusing with positive.

˃Heavy metal music that involves occult, demonic, or sexually explicit lyrics

˃Holy Water

˃Kochina dolls

˃Kinesiology that involves holding an herb or medication in your hand and raising your arm to determine whether or not the practitioner can push it down easily (to determine allergies)

˃Lighter than Air

˃Magick, black, white, gray, red, green, rainbow, chaos, witchcraft, voodoo, obeah, kiniesi, ngangas, masaan, kalia masaan, witchcraft, root work...

˃Masturbation (includes objects used for this purpose). Masturbation is a real problem for many people, yet the manifestation for the spirits involved can be gigantic, and can even involve possessive spirit personalities.

˃Membership in the Ku Klux Klan, Skin Heads, Bloods, Hell’s Angels, or similar organizations

˃Moving Into a House or Apartment that already has resident Spirits


˃Nudism (such as stripping for an audience, or going to a nude beach)

˃Obscene Comments about God or Jesus

˃Opening the Mind (As in meditation or hypnosis)

˃Oral sex – giving or receiving, even between married couples.

˃Ouija Board


˃Pendulums to answer questions; pendulums used to find lost objects. 

˃Pentagrams (wearing, constructing, or owning)

˃Pictures Hung for Protection or 0 to Attract Something into your life such as love or prosperity


˃Prayer Cloths, Prayer Wallets, etc. (items obtained through healing ministries or televangelists that promise healing, prosperity, or miracles)

˃Praying to anyone other than God (includes prayers to Mary, the saints, or directly to Jesus instead of to the Father in Jesus’ name)

˃Psychic readings (There will be spirits from consulting the psychic, spirits from the psychic, and the spirits who gave the psychic the message that was passed on to you.)

*Note: In the spirit realm, past, present and future exist simultaneously. That's why spirits are able to provide information  about all time periods. Also, since all time dimensions exist simultaneously, they can harass their victims in the past, the present and/or the future -- all while their victims are involved with the present.

˃Reading or owning books on the Occult

˃Salt Used for Protection





˃Sex partners (We’re both one and a couple with everyone we’ve slept with. So if they had spirits we’ll have them too. We are also both one and a couple with everyone our partner has slept with.)

˃Sexual relationship between members of the same gender, regardless of whether it's legal or not. This is one I hesitate to include because I know there are those who will find it offensive. It is not meant to be interpreted as judgmental in any way. It is simply a heads up for victims of demonic harassment who have ever had a same gender sexual relationship. Typically, the spirits involved cannot be cast away as long as the harassment victim continues his or her gay lifestyle and fails to take the appropriate steps prior to attempting a cast away.


˃Talking to the dead, even at graveside (This is one that many people find hard to believe, but it's true. The Bible calls it Necromancy.)

˃Tarot cards and Tarot readings

˃Testing Crystals to feel their energy

˃Tongues (I have worked with many harassment victims who speak in tongues, believing the spirit speaking through them to be the real Holy Spirit. In every case, the spirit has turned out to be a demon. Two  tongues speakers actually saw the fake holy spirit rise out of their chest and float across the room when it was cast out through God in Jesus’ name.)

For people who believe God speaks to them audibly or telepathically, there are spirits who pretend to be God as well. In every case I’ve dealt with, the “audible or telepathic voice of God” has turned out to be the voice of a demon masquerading as the real God.

˃Torture or being tortured

˃Using blessed oils for healing or protection

˃Visiting Sites of Violence or Occult Activity

˃Voodoo (even playing around with a voodoo doll)

˃White Light for protection

˃Wishing for paranormal powers

˃Witchcraft, black or  white

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