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Author Stewart Edward White and his wife Betty first used a Ouija Board at a party.  In subsequent days and weeks, Betty continued conversing with Ouija Board spirits she called The Invisibles.  Through Betty, the spirits relayed their false religious doctrines and techniques for achieving so-called higher awareness and super-consciousness. White wrote three books about his wife’s experiences: “The Betty Book,” “Across the Universe,” and “The unobstructed Universe.” Deeply involved with the spirit realm, Betty continued to speak through a psychic friend to what she believed to be Stewart’s spirit after he died.

This anecdote is only one example of how spirits  spread their demonic doctrines.

Author Emily G. Hutchings contacted a spirit through the Ouija Board who claimed to be the spirit of Mark Twain. Through this Ouija Board spirit, Ms. Hutchings supposedly channeled Mark Twain’s spirit to write the book entitled “Jap Heron.”  The book was panned by the literary world as bearing little resemblance to Twain’s writing.  One reporter is reputed to have said “Mark Twain left more than his body when he passed to the other side.”

Of course this wasn't Mark Twain's spirit Emily Hutchings was channeling.  It was a demonic spirit masquerading as Twain. This spirit apparently lacked Twain's homespun wit and writing talent.

When I was involved with New Age spirit guides, a spirit wanted to write a book through me.  It was to dictate, and I was to type.  It wanted to write a horror story. One would have thought that a spirit would be capable of writing a scary story. But the writing was of such poor quality that I discontinued the project..

"Whole Town Ouija Mad." That was the headline that made national news On March 7, 1920.  The town referred to in the headline was  El Cerrito, California where there had been an outbreak of weird occurrences and strange behavior associated with the use of the Ouija Board! Seven people were reportedly driven insane, and a teen-ager was found nude, reportedly because it was easier to communicate with spirits when not encumbered by clothes. A police officer ripped off his uniform and ran, devoid of clothing, into the bank.  City officials held a town meeting to discuss the Ouija Mania that had invaded the town.  Mental healthcare professionals were called in to examine the town's entire population of 1200 inhabitants . City officials made the decision to ban the use or Ouija Boards within city limits.

Spirits who speak through Ouija Boards often encourage mayhem and violence.  A man I worked with when I had my telephone "ministry" helping victims of demonic harassment break free had used a Ouija Board with his room-mates.  The spirit who spoke through the board had told him and his room-mates to kill three of their friends.  It even gave details of how to commit the crime and get away with it.

In a case in the 1930's, a woman and her daughter were convicted of murder after the daughter killed her father with a shotgun.  On the witness stand, the girl said the spirit of the Ouija Board her mother had been using had told her to kill her father.  Unfortunately, this girl hadn't had the moral fortitude of the men in the previous example.

In 1949 in Cottage City, Maryland a boy started exhibiting unusual symptoms after he and his family had used a Ouija Board.  This boy's bed would shake, and furniture would move when he was present -- pushed by an unseen force.  While most harassment victims don't experience having the furniture moved, shaking and vibrating beds are common.  The spirits harassing this boy took possession, and the boy's experiences became more and more bizarre.  When medical science was unable to help the boy, a priest was called in.  Nearly thirty years later, William Peter Blatty wrote a book loosely based on the boy's experiences.  This book was to become the basis for the blockbuster movie The Exorcist.

The Spiritualist movement leading to the invention of the Ouija Board began in the mid 1800's  with the famous Fox sisters, and with the occult practice of Table Tipping.  The Fox sisters would communicate with spirits through knockings and tappings (which they later refuted to have been trickery). In Table Tipping, a group of people who wish to contact the spirit realm stand around a table and place their fingertips on the table top's edge.  Spirits then cause the table to rock and "tip," banging the table legs against the floor a certain number of times for each letter to spell out their message. But table tipping was slow and cumbersome, and by the time the spirits had succeeded in spelling out their message, the people involved would often have lost track of what the spirits were saying.  A more efficient method of communication was needed.  Enter the Ouija Board... 

No one knows who invented the first Ouija Board, but the first one patented was the one pictured above to the left.   This board, designed on wood, was patented February 10, 1891 by  Charles Kenard and marketed by the Kenard Novelty Company. The Kenard Novelty Company was later acquired  by William Fuld who changed the name the Ouija Novelty company and sold millions of the "talking boards."   Fuld's revision of the board is shown above in the center.

After Fuld's death, his family sold the company to Parker Brothers, which still produces the Ouija Board, and owns all rights and patents. The Parker Brothers Board, shown at the far right, is promoted as a game, and sold in toy stores such as Toys 'R' Us.  Though I have yet to see these myself, a friend recently told me that when he was shopping for his grandchildren he saw pink and blue Ouija Boards being marketed for children as young as six or eight.

Those of you who don't believe in spirits typically insist that if the triangular platform (planchette) moves at all, this is either the result of subconscious vibrations in the fingertips of the "players" using it, or one of the players is pushing it on purpose to spell out a message. They think those of us who believe a spirit is moving the planchette are either very gullible or "mentally off."

For those who do believe in spirits, myths abound.  One myth is that placing a silver coin on the board will ward off evil spirits. Another is that if the planchette moves to all four corners or moves in a straight line this means a demonic spirit has come through.

When I had my former ministry helping harassment victims break free of the very REAL spirits harassing them, I encountered a number of people who had actually prayed to God to bless the board so only spirits of light could speak through it.  The truth of the matter is that only demonic spirits speak through the Ouija Board or any other spirit device -- even if you use a silver coin, pray for God to bless it, or call it an Angel Board

One woman I encountered actually made a makeshift Ouija Board for her daughter. This young girl obtained a "friend" through the board that would talk to her daily, carrying on actual conversations.  The so-called friend was a demon.

My first contact with the occult came when I was in high school and my Geometry teacher bought a Ouija Board and asked me to use it with her.  (She was a young teacher, fresh out of college.) I told her a time when my mom would be working and she could come to my house,  When she got there, we closed the living room curtain and sat down on the floor facing each other with the board on the floor between us. Neither she nor I believed in spirits at that time.  We both thought if the planchette moved at all, it would be our subconscious minds moving it.  Still, our hearts were in our throats as we each put the fingertips of one hand on the planchette.  When the planchette moved to spell out a message, we each suspected the other was subconsciously pushing it. 

When my teacher left  that day, she left the board with me.  Unable to resist, I took it to my bedroom and laid it on my bed.  I put the fingertips of one hand on the planchette, not really expecting anything to happen.  But it did.  The planchette moved slowly at first, spelling out a message about who I was to marry. Then it said my mom's best friend was going to have a heart attack.  That scared me.

I hid the board under my bed so my mom wouldn't find it.  But that evening I was drawn to it once again.  This time the planchette started moving immediately.  It zipped around the board so fast that my fingertips couldn't keep up with it, then flew out from under my hand and across the room!  Needless to say, that scared the beejeebies out of me.  I took the board to school the next day and gave it back to my teacher.

The Board had accurately predicted who I was going to marry, and my mom's friend died many years later of a heart attack.  The reason the spirit speaking through the board was able to make these predictions is that past, present and future exist simultaneously in the spirit realm. Thus, the spirit could see into my future, at least in terms of probabilities.  When I later became involved with spirit guides, they often spoke of probabilities. It seems that events in the future are not necessarily cast in stone.

That would explain why even the most accurate psychics sometimes give inaccurate predictions.  (It has been my experience that every harassment victim I've worked with who had psychic abilities, had demonic spirits manifest as giving them those abilities.  When the spirits were cast away through God in Jesus' name, these people lost their psychic powers.  (Prophets in Biblical times got their messages from God, but the Bible says the gift of prophecies will cease -- and it did, in terms of prophecies inspired by God.  Prophecies today are inspired by demonic spirits.)

Twenty odd years after my experience with the Ouija Board, when I was involved with New Age spirit guides, a spirit came into my car and spoke to me, pretending to be Satan.  It said it was the same spirit that had talked to me through the Ouija Board all those years ago.

During my former phone ministry every single harassment victim I worked with who'd ever used  a Ouija Board had demonic spirits manifest (make their presence known) in the course of the deliverance session.  Even when a person fails to contact a spirit through the Ouija Board, the mere act of trying invites demonic spirits into his life.

And the same is true of Angel Boards. Just because the Angel Board is done in pretty colors and has a picture of an angel  doesn't mean the person who uses the board isn't talking to a demon, the same as if he were using a Ouija board.  Holy angels (those who remained loyal to God when Satan and a third of the angels in Heaven rebelled) do not communicate through Angel Boards or any other form of divination. And asking God to let only spirits of light talk through the board is like asking God to bless a statue of Satan. God doesn't bless things that are of the occult.


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