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Stacie Spielman

Psychic Kids:
Are They Victims of Demonic Oppression?

I watched an episode of the Larry King show in 2008 about psychic children, and it upset me so badly that it still sticks in my mind.

On this show, Larry had as his guests John Edward, a female psychic Char Margolis, the male psychic Chip Coffey, a psychotherapist from Columbia University who attempts to help psychic children with their "spiritual journey," and several children who talk to "ghosts."

What upset me so badly is that I know from personal experience and the experiences of demonic harassment victims I've worked with that what these kids are experiencing is nothing more than demonic oppression (harassment), pure and simple.  This demonic harassment is being touted as a gift!  And parents of these kids are supportive of the harassment despite the fact it has already begun to isolate their children.

These children have "ghosts" talking to them, asking them to pass messages on to people who are still alive.  They're seeing shadow figures, orbs, wispy apparitions, and having visions and insight into things that are yet to come. 

One girl reported having seen an apparition of a severed limb.  Another said she had seen the spirit of her dead grandmother. One said that a child spirit named Jacob wants to play at night and won't let her sleep.  And still another said "I feel like everyone is against me on this, and I need help."  That statement tore at my heart.

When Larry questioned the children, they said that much of what they're experiencing is scary. Much of it is unpleasant.  And they were very iffy when asked if they wanted it to continue.  One girl said that if she has a gift from God it was given to her for a reason, and she feels she has to use it.

A mother said her biggest worry is that her daughter will think this is a curse, and not a gift.

I speak from personal experience and from the experiences of hundreds of harassment victims when I say this is not a gift from God!  It's demonic harassment that has come as a result of someone -- probably a parent or grandparent -- opening the door for demonic spirits to come in and harass their children.

When I had my ministry counseling victims of demonic harassment, I used to go through a list of typical harassments and ask these people if they'd ever experienced them: things such as shadow figures, orbs, wispy apparitions, psychic visions, audible voices calling their name, or voices talking to them telepathically. After leading these people through the necessary steps preceding spirit cast aways, I would address each thing that applied to the particular harassment victim I was working with.  I would lead them through the necessary prayers of rejection and denunciation. Then, through God in Jesus' name, I would cast the demonic spirits away.

If I were to have worked with these children from the Larry King show, I would have first led each child through prayers rejecting and denouncing anything their parents or ancestors might have done that was linked in any way to the occult. I would then have addressed any demonic spirits who've been (1) manifesting as shadow figures (2) appearing as apparitions such as a dead grandmother, or the child named Jacob (3) appearing as orbs (4) giving the child psychic dreams or visions (5) asking the child to act as a medium (6) giving the child demonic dreams, and (7) keeping the child awake at night.  NOTE: In the spirit realm past, present and future exist simultaneously so it's no big deal for demonic spirits to provide information about the future..

Based on my own experience and those of harassment victims I've worked with,  what these children are experiencing is nothing out of the ordinary; it's typical spirit harassment. I can say without hesitation that , without exception, demonic spirits would have manifested for each of the items I've listed.  Through God in Jesus' name, I would have cast the spirits away.  With the spirits gone, the children would no longer have been "psychic" or troubled by apparitions appearing to them, trying to convince them to act as mediums, or interfering with their sleep.

John Edward is a spiritual medium who talks to demonic spirits posing as spirits of the dead, and believes in the non-Biblical doctrine of reincarnation.  He is not a person harassment victims such as these children and their parents should be turning to for advice.

Char Margolis is a psychic.  Ms. Margolis made the comments that we need to make sure we're always surrounded by white light, and that it really doesn't matter who we pray to. (This is in direct conflict with the Bible.) What Ms. Margolis doesn't realize is that she herself is a victim of demonic harassment, and has been ever since she was a child.  Like John Edward, she believes the garbage the spirit realm is handing out. Following her advice will without a doubt get harassment victims into more trouble than they're already in.

When I was involved with spirit guides of my own who swore they were "of the light," they encouraged me to channel spirits of the dead, and insisted I surround myself with a white light of protection.  My so-called guardian angel claimed to have been married to me in a prior life!  When he eventually revealed himself as a demon, he called me every filthy name in the book and laughed at me for believing the b.s. (reincarnation, white light, etc.) he and my other guides had been handing out.

The concept of white light for protection is psychic babble that originated with demonic spirits.  Reincarnation is a doctrine of demons.  (If reincarnation really existed and we had the chance to live our lives over and over till we got it right, then Jesus died on the cross for nothing.) 

The "gift of prophecy" stopped a long time ago, just as the Bible said it would.  An interesting tidbit from the Bible that I think should give modern-day psychics pause for thought is that prophets in Bible times whose prophecies failed to come true were put to death!


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