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Psychics and Mediums:

Are Their Messages from God? Or Demonic Forces?

If you've ever gone for a psychic reading, you may have been amazed at the accuracy of the things the psychic told you.  Perhaps you mistakenly assumed, as many people do, that the psychic was in tune with a sixth sense we're all born with, but which is more highly developed in some people than in others. Or perhaps you assumed the psychic's  "gift of prophecy" came from God.   This is a fallacy.

If the reading was done at the psychic's home or place of business, chances are a candle was burning during the session.  Whether or not the psychic told you what the candle was for, it is typically used to alert the psychic when a demonic spirit is present.  Supposedly, when a demon -- spirit of darkness --  enters the room, the candle flame will flicker.

In many cases, the psychic will advise you to surround yourself with an imaginary white light. Whether or not she explains the purpose, the White Light is meant for protection against demonic forces. In truth, if the white light appears to work, it's only because spirits are playing the game.

Often the psychic will take out a deck of Tarot cards and lay them out on the table to determine your destiny. Tarot cards are a favorite type of divination.

What these psychics and their clients don't realize is that the  prophetic  impressions the psychic receives are not coming from an innate sense or extrasensory perception.  They're not coming from God or from a "spirit of light."  They're coming from demonic forces.

The gift of prophecy in the Bible was a gift from the Holy Spirit. But the Bible said the gift of prophecy would cease.  I'm uncertain of exactly when this cessation came about. All I know is it did.  Of the hundreds of victims of demonic harassment I've worked with, many have told me they had the gift of prophecy, and that they knew days or weeks in advance when a friend or family member was going to die. Many have told me when they're in the room with a person who's going to be injured or killed they'll instinctively know something bad is going to happen. Some consider this ability to be a gift from God.  Others view it as a curse.  I would have to side more with the latter.  While not an actual curse, the modern "gift of prophecy" is not a gift from God!

Of the harassment victims I've worked with who have at some time in their lives gone for a psychic reading, every one of them -- without exception -- has had demonic spirits who came into their lives as a result.  I know this because demonic spirits have manifested with regard to every aspect of the psychic reading in every single case-- even if the reading was done by phone or over the internet.

It's interesting to note that in Bible times if a psychic (prophet) made a prediction that failed to come true, he or she was stoned to death!  I suspect if that penalty were still in effect the multi-million dollar a year psychic business in today's world would dry up and blow away.

Linked to the realm of psychics are the mediums who claim -- and often believe -- they are talking to the dead.  I'm sure you're familiar with the T.V. series "Ghost Whisperer." I've never watched this program myself because I know it's of the occult and that demonic spirits come to those who watch programs of this type. But I've worked with harassment victims who had spirits in their lives in association with this and other T.V. programs having to do with "ghosts." This is because ghosts don't exist. Spirits of the dead do not communicate with humans, and they don't hang around on earth waiting to be released.  Demonic spirits (fallen angels) pretending to be spirits of the dead are the ones who haunt our houses and talk through spiritual mediums. Any time we watch a movie or T.V. program dealing with demons, the demons have a right to come into our lives.

Spiritual mediums such as John Edward in his popular series "Crossing Over" truly believe they are providing a good service, channeling spirits of  loved ones who've "crossed over."  Grieving families contact John Edward or other mediums in search of closure, advice, or assurance that their loved ones are no longer in pain. But what these grieving families and the mediums they contact don't realize is that the spirits who talk to them through the mediums, pretending to be spirits of the dead, are demonic spirits playing a game. They're fallen angels pretending to be spirits of the dead. These demons know things about the dead person and the living relatives that it may seem only the people themselves could have known. This is because, in the spirit realm, past, present and future exist simultaneously. Spirits can look into our past or into our future to provide accurate information to psychics, and put on a convincing act through celebrity mediums such as John Edward or Sylvia Browne.

What most spiritual mediums fail to take into account is that the Bible warns against talking to spirits. It warns against talking to the dead, and even assigns a name to this practice. It's called "necromancy."  Taking into account the Bible's warnings, it doesn't surprise me that in the case of every harassment victim I've worked with who has ever "talked to the dead ," whether it be through a medium, at a gravesite,  through a Ouija Board, through Automatic Writing, or by any other method known to man, the act of talking to the dead through any means has brought demonic spirits into his or her life. (See my web page "Talking to the Dead.") This person will have spirits of Necromancy, as well as spirits posing as the dead loved one. And it won't be a single spirit for each.  Sprits work in groups -- often very large groups. Casting one away  may help, but it won't get the rest of them out of the harassment victim's life.  It's not that simple.

If you've read my true story Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel, you already know I've had many psychic readings in my lifetime.  In addition to this, when I was involved with New Age spirit guides, I was often asked to serve as a medium. One evening as I was watching an episode of America's Most Wanted, John Walsh told the story of a boy who'd been killed in the forest.  The police had ruled the boy's death a suicide, but his parents believed he'd been murdered. Suddenly my "guardian angel" interrupted to say the boy's spirit wanted to talk to me.

A spirit pretending to be the boy's told me he had not committed suicide. He'd been murdered by two men: one who had a moustache, and the other who was bald. The boy wanted me to send his mother a message saying he was in Heaven now, and that he was happy, but he missed her chocolate chip cookies. There were tears in my eyes as the pendulum swung to spell out the boy's message of love for his parents.  Of course this wasn't the spirit of a boy. It was a demonic spirit posing as the spirit of the dead boy, hoping I'd send a message to the boy's parents and devastate them even further in their time of grief.

Twenty years later, the spirits from the psychic readings and the spirits who played the role of the boy killed in the forest were still with me affecting my health and other aspects of my life. They'd be with me to this day if they hadn't finally been cast away.

If you or a friend or loved one have ever gone to a psychic or consulted with a medium, and now strange things are happening in your life, you need to take steps to cut  ties with the spirits who've come into your life and are now harassing you.  My e-book (soon to be in paperback) What Demonic Spirits Don't Want You to Know; What Traditional Deliverance Ministries Don't Tell You,  explains in detail what must be done to cast these spirits out of your life.

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