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Stacie Spielman 


Schizophrenia affects more than two million Americans and twenty-four million people world wide. The disease appears to affect men and women equally in all ethnic groups and cultures.

At this time, the medical profession is clueless as to what causes Schizophrenia, or why the disease affects some people and not others. Scientists believe it's caused by genetic and environmental factors. Medical researchers suspect chemical imbalance may play a role. All seem to agree there is no cure.  No one appears to suspect the involvement of demonic spirits.

To date, I've worked with seven victims of Schizophrenia, all of whom had voices talking inside their heads. Some voices were audible, some telepathic, some distant, and some spoke in chorus. Some pretended to be the voices of people their victims had known. The two things all of the voices had in common were that they chattered incessantly, and all of  them were demonic.

A man I worked with through Skype believed he had somehow "tuned in" to telepathic conversations between psychic people he used to know. For days, he listened to their conversations. But eventually his conscience got the better of him. He knew he shouldn't be eavesdropping, but he didn't know how to shut  the sound of their voices off.

Finally, he made an attempt to join their conversation. The voices acted surprised, but welcomed him into the group. This was fine for awhile, till Tom wanted to bow out. At that point, the voices lost their friendly tone and became verbally abusive.

Unable to shut the voices out, Tom had himself committed to a mental institution. There, he was diagnosed as Schizophrenic and placed in a ward with other Schizophrenic patients. Then one day he was in the recreation room when he saw a man in a wheelchair talking to someone who wasn't there. The man in the wheelchair was smoking one cigarette after another, and throwing the cigarette butts on the floor.

When Tom approached the man and bent to pick up the cigarette butts, a telepathic voice shouted "Get away from him!"

Startled, Tom stood and backed away. It was at this point that he realized he was just like this man. But he didn't have a medical problem. He had spirits talking to him! That's when he contacted me.

I worked with Tom daily for several weeks through Skype. As the spirits were addressed and cast away, they would manifest by burning Tom's skin, squeezing his head or wrist, or making him feel as if there were a painful band tightening around his forehead or ankle. Given that there were so many spirit groups involved, I finally made a recording of a "cast away prayer" for Tom to use, to play in the background at home or in his vehicle when he was driving. The recording worked. The only problem was that It was seven hours earlier in Tom's country than in mine, and every time he turned on the recording the departing spirits would manifest with me! I had to contact Tom and tell him to make a recording in his own voice and destroy the one I'd sent him.

On the recording, Tom did "cast aways" of spirits for each type of harassment he was experiencing -- not just the voices, but other types of harassment as well. He had to use the recording daily for several weeks. But in the end, he was free of the voices and  virtually free of other harassments as well.

In another case, Schizophrenia voices took the form of voices of people from the man's high school days.

In addition to voices (known in the psychiatric and medical professions as Auditory Hallucinations), there are other symptoms of Schizophrenia that I've found to have demonic involvement. Of the seven Schizophrenia victims I've worked with, all of them have experienced three quarters or more of the following symptoms, and all were linked to demonic harassment: Delusions, Delusional Thoughts, Disorganized Thoughts, Hallucinations,  periods of Incomprehensible Speech, and a Blunted Effect on Emotions.

Once again, I'm not saying that all Schizophrenia is a result of demonic harassment. But for the seven Schizophrenia victims  I've encountered, all their symptoms were harassment related.


"What Demonic Spirits

Don't Want You to Know"

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Spirit Harassment from A  to Z

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Things That Invite Demonic Spirits

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IIf you or a loved one have questions regarding demonic spirits, things that invite them, demonic harassment (oppression), or what can be done about it, I answer all e-mails.  I can be reached at


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