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Stacie Spielman

The Truth About Spirit Guides

When a psychic told me  twenty odd years ago my son's life was in danger and my spirit guides were trying to warn me, I was both alarmed and confused.  Prior to this, I'd never heard of spirit guides.  The only spirits I believed in at that point were the ones that were haunting my house.

The psychic said my spirit guides were too strong for her, and that they were giving her a terrible headache. She said I would have to find a way for them to speak directly to me.  "Just be sure to light a candle and surround yourself with a protective white light before speaking to a spirit," she said.  "Make the spirit say it's of the light.  A dark spirit can't claim to be of the light. God won't allow it."

I went home that day and fashioned a makeshift pendulum, then drew an alphabet arc on a sheet of paper. Heart in my throat, I spoke to the air: "If there's a spirit of light here that wants to talk to me about my son, if you'll swing the pendulum over the letters, we'll be able to communicate."

Immediately the pendulum began to swing, and I wasn't the one swinging it: "My name is Gideon. I'm of the light. I am your Guardian Angel."

As it turned out, the danger my son had been in was already past. The dangerous incident had already happened and my son was unharmed.  But having contacted my "Guardian Angel" and actually carried on a conversation with him via the pendulum, I was hooked.  This was the beginning of my seven-year sojourn with my "Guardian Angel" and other "spirits of light" he introduced me to.

My favorite of the spirit guides Gideon introduced me to was Saul.  Saul was to become my healing guide. He trained me to pull pain out of people's bodies in the form of negative energy, and taught me to do "psychic diagnoses" by closing my eyes and moving my hands close to the person's body without touching. When my hands passed over an area of good health, I would see various shades of green through my mind's eye, depending on how healthy the tissue was. In areas of pain, I would see varying shades of red, depending on the severity of the pain. In areas of dying tissue, I would see gray.  For dead tissue, I'd see black.  I only experienced black one time, and that was with a man who had just died.

At first my only method of talking to my guides was through the pendulum and alphabet arc. But my guides soon grew tired of this and began speaking telepathically.  In the presence of my guides I felt more love than I've ever felt from a human.

Telepathic communication is typical of spirit guides.  Some, however, prefer to communicate through dreams, through an hypnotic state, or through automatic writing.  In the case of Sylvia Browne, for example, when her spirit guide Francine speaks through her, Sylvia must make a recording and listen to it at a later time.

My former guides represented themselves as angelic entities who had once been human.  In the case of Shamanism, the spirit guides represent themselves as animals.  In New Age, the guides claim to be ascended masters (including Buddha and Jesus himself). For still others, guides choose to represent themselves as the spirit of a dead loved one. 

Archetypal Guides are those who supposedly come into a personís life to guide him through a difficult problem. They typically represent themselves as a warrior, a story teller, a wise old man, etc.

During the course of my former ministry, I worked with many harassment victims who'd had spirit guides.  Some of these spirit guides had claimed to be angels, some to be a grandmother or distant ancestor, some to be God or Jesus, and some had represented themselves as a tiger, a wolf, or other animal totem.  In every case, without exception -- even when the guide had claimed to be God or Jesus -- when the guides were addressed during cast aways, they manifested (did something to the harassment victim to make their presence known) as demons. o

Gross though it may be, it was during the time frame of my former ministry that I went for a colonic.  I had no idea till we were in the midst of it that the woman doing the colonic was into New Age, or that she conducted weekly seminars to teach her clients how to contact their spirit guides.

When she invited me to attend her class, I or course told her my story and ended by saying that all spirit guides are demonic.  At that point, her guide began speaking to her telepathically.  "Poor Stacie," it said.  "She got involved with bad guides.  Yours are good ones."

This is so typical it's laughable.  Any time someone has a bad experience with the spirit realm, guides all over the world will tell their "wards" that those were bad spirits. The ones working with them are good.

When I had my former website, a woman sent me a picture her spirit guide had drawn (through taking control of her hand) of itself.  When she saw the cover of my book Betrayed by Her Guardian Angel, she was shocked to see that the crude picture her spirit guide had drawn appeared to be an attempted replica of the painting of my false Guardian Angel as it appeared on the cover of my book.  That picture is shown below.

This spirit guide told the woman "Stacie's website is right when she warns against getting involved with spirit guides.  But you don't have to worry, because I'm of the light."

After this woman read my book, she confronted her spirit guide. When she pointed out that my guides had turned out to be demonic, her guide revealed its true identity as well.  It, like Gideon, Saul,  and all my other former spirit guides was a demon.



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