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Spirit Harassment from A to Z

Available through Amazon in Kindle format, soon to be paperback.

Note: The picture on the book cover is scary, but demonic spirits don't have  to look scary. They just often choose to look frightening for effect.

The fact is demonic spirits are fallen angels, and God made angels to be beautiful. But, given the fact that they sided with Satan when there was a war in Heaven (Revelation 12) and were kicked out of Heaven as a result of their rebellion, they are very angry with humans because we can have eternal life, and God has condemned them to a fiery death. Based on my own experience and the experiences of harassment victims I've worked with from around the world, this book lists hundreds of typical types of harassment, many of which may apply to you.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Thanks for the book in pdf version and also the update this is needed material for the christian, also I would like to thank you for being easy to reach by email, you answered me right away that gives the consumer assurance I will purchase more material from you in the future and again thankyou




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