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Stacie Spielman

The Truth About Santa
No one knows exactly when the legend of Santa Claus came to be. But it is believed the legend dates back to the fourth century when a Catholic bishop named St. Nicholas is reputed to have ridden about the countryside in Europe, delivering gifts to children in need.
Another aspect of the legend has St. Nicholas rescuing three poverty stricken girls from suffering a life of shame (and perhaps prostitution) because they had no dowry for marriage, by giving them gold to use as dowries.
According to Charles W. Jones, a St. Nicholas historian, there were over two thousand churches dedicated to St. Nicholas in France, Germany and the Low Countries before the year 1500. (Jones, Charles. W. "Knickerbocker Santa Claus." The New-York Historical Society Quarterly, October 1954, Volume XXXVIII Number Four, p.357)

"The Christmas Almanack," published by Random House, claims that "By the height of the Middle Ages, St. Nicholas was probably invoked in prayer more than any figure except the Virgin Mary and Christ HImself."

Santa showed up in the Netherlands in the 1600's. Dutch children would put their shoes by the fireplace for "Sinter Klaas" to fill them with gifts and treats on Christmas morning. Like the American Santa Claus of today, Sinter Klaas, according to the legend, would enter the children's home by sliding down the chimney.

In 1626, Sinter Klaas was brought to the New World by Dutch settlers.

Almost 200 years later, Washington Irving published a satire of the Dutch founding of New York. This satire, published by Frederick Ungar Publishing Co. in New York, was entitled "A Knickerbocker History of New York." This satire is credited by many as creating our modern day Santa Claus. The satire states that a sage named Oloffe dreamed "And lo, the good St. Nicholas came riding over the tops of the trees, in that self-same wagon wherein he brings his yearly presents to the children. . . And when St. Nicholas had smoked his pipe, he twisted it in his hatband, and laying his finger beside his nose, gave the astonished Van Kortlandt a very significant look; then, mounting his wagon, he returned over the treetops and disappeared.  (The wagon has since been transformed to a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer.)

In 1822 a theology professor named Clement Clarke Moore wrote a poem for his children entitled "A Visit from St. Nicholas." Moore had no intention of publishing the poem, but a friend took the matter out of his hands. The poem became immensely popular. It was eventually re-titled "Twas the Night Before Christmas.

The problem with the St. Nicholas legend is that there is no historical evidence that St. Nicholas even existed. For this reason, in 1969, Pope Paul VI removed the Feast of St. Nicholas from the Roman Catholic calendar.

For years I had heard the theory that "Santa" was merely a perversion of the name Satan. But I thought that was just a belief of religious fanatics. Still, there was a niggling thought in the back of my mind that for many families throughout the world, Santa appeared to have taken the place of Jesus during the Christmas season.

I personally had never told my children that Santa was real. Instead, I had wrapped their presents and left the name tags unsigned. But after my boys were grown, and the idea that Santa and Satan might be one and the same, I addressed whether demonic spirits were linked to the Santa ornaments hanging on my Christmas tree. I was not surprised to find that there were. I bound the spirits to the ornaments in Jesus' name, then put them into an opague bag and disposed of them.

Still, fearing that the world at large would view me as some sort of kook if I spoke out against Santa, I procrastinated about creating a Santa page for this website. An experience in working with a victim of severe demonic harassment wiped out that fear.

This lady had three children through whose mouths demonic spirits would often speak, giving the names of demons who were harassing the family.  Included among the children was a toddler who had not yet learned to talk beyond a few words such as Mommy and Daddy. Now the toddler was speaking in entire sentences in a gutteral voice, using words that are not appropriate to use in this site. Despite numerous cast aways on their behalf, the children continued to be tormented. This woman, who had read my e-book What Demonic Sprits Don't Want You to Know, knew how to do cast aways on her own through God in Jesus' name. Yet it never occurred to her or to me to address Santa Claus.

With the Christmas season fast approaching, Janice (not her real name) wrote to me asking a question about how my family celebrates Christmas. In my reply, I mentioned that I had disposed of all the Santa ornaments we used to hang on our tree. I explained that I had discovered there were spirits linked to everything I once owned that pertained to Santa, and that Santa appears to be a perversion of the name Satan.

The following day, I heard from Janice. She was ecstatic. She had disposed of all her Santa paraphernalia and done cast aways of the demons attached. But that wasn't the reason for her joy.

Not really expecting to see any great results, after ridding her home of Santa items, Janice had decided to address whether or not "Santa" was harassing her children.  When she addressed it, the manifestation as the Santa demon left her children was gigantic. She wrote to me to say that for the first time in years her children had slept through the night. Demons were no longer speaking through their mouths, and the children were no longer being harassed in the ways they had previously been harassed nightly.

Based on what Janice had told me, and armed with the knowledge that Satan has many names (and harasses his victims through each of them) I decided to address whether or not any of my or my husband's heath issues were linked in any way to Satan under the name of Santa. For each and every health issue I addressed, there was a large manifestation as Santa was cast away in Jesus' name.

Encouraged by this, I addressed whether or not Satan (under the name of Santa) was affecting our finances in any way. Once again, there was a large manifestation as Santa was cast away in Jesus' name.

Given that typos have appeared in some of my books, despite the fact that they were not there when the books were published,  and entire paragraphs have disappeared, I addressed whether or not Satan under the guise of Santa was responsible. I had previously addressed whether Satan had caused the typos and/or deleted the paragraphs, but had had no manifestations. When I addressed Satan under the name of Santa, the manifestation was gigantic! (Demonic spirits often hide under names we would never suspect. This was a prime example.)

It is interesting to me that Santa Claus as we know him is a cheerful old man with a twinkle in his eye and a jolly laugh that causes his stomach to quake like a bowlful of jelly. That sounds like the opposite of how I imagine Satan. (If you're familiar with the occult, you know that in the occult things are often done backwards.)

It's a commonly known fact that Santa is an elf, the same as the Christmas elves who, according to the story parents tell their children, make the toys to be delivered to children around the world on Christmas morning. What is wrong with this image? Elves are magical creatures! Magical creatures are demons! Even in the countries where tales of elves originated, the elves were often recognized as demonic.




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