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Years ago when I had my original website, I included a page on Voodoo with information on the vodun religion and pictures of New Orleans Voodoo queen Marie Laveaux and her grave. In the aftermath of including this page, Voodoo practitioners who had apparently visited my site put curses against various aspects of my health. It wasn't until months later that it dawned on me to address any voodoo curses that might have been placed against me. When the spirits of the voodoo curses were cast away through God in Jesus' name, there was a gigantic manifestation. The health issues that the curses had caused became a thing of the past.

The main purpose of re-establishing a page on Voodoo is to let visitors know that victims of a voodoo curse don't have to believe in it in order for the curse to be effective, but voodoo curses (like any other) can be broken in Jesus' name.

I worked with a couple in Africa who were victims of voodoo curses the woman's ex-husband had hired a witchdoctor to put against them. For Liza, the curses took the form of stomach pain and extreme abdominal bloat, symptoms of a bladder infection, and symptoms of a stroke. As for her husband, spirits would throw him against the wall and beat him up at night to the point that he could barely get out of bed. Once the Voodoo and Black Magick curses had been broken and the spirits of the curses had been cast away in Jesus' name, bindings were done in Jesus' name against Liza's ex or the witchdoctor putting any further curses against them. Thankfully, God honored the bindings, and the ex and his witchdoctor caused no further problems with regard to Liza and/or her husband's health.

An African woman who lived in Europe had black magick and Voodoo curses put against her by her ex-husband. Apparently he had stuck pins in a voodoo doll, in various parts of its torso. Rachel experienced intense pain in every area where the pins had been inserted. When the spirits of the Voodoo ritual had been cast away in Jesus' name, the pains disappeared.

An American woman I worked with had taken an art course as part of a therapy program. The teacher had made an assignment for each of her students to sculpt a statue to represent the person who had offended or abused her, then use the sculpture as an effigy to stick pins in, as one would do with a Voodoo doll. Sarah sculpted a statue of her former boyfriend and took great pleasure in poking pins all over its body. The following day, as a result of this unintentional voodoo curse, John was attacked by a swarm of hornets who stung him all over his body. Therapists who make assignments of this type have no idea of the problems they're causing, or of the demonic spirits these assignments bring into the lives of their patients.

"What Demonic Spirits

Don't Want You to Know"

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