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Stacie Spielman


What Demonic Spirits

Don't Want You to Know

Updated and Expanded 2015


This e-book explains who demonic spirits are, what brings them into our lives, ways that they hareass, and the steps that must be taken to cast them out of our lives. It includes true accounts of harassment victims from around the world.

Now contains information specifically geared toward people who are victims of Obeah, Palo Mayambe, Makumba, Makumbaje, Voodoo, Hoodoo, JinJin, Wambawa, Nkisi, Santeria, Ngangas, Egunegun, Masaan, Root Work, or WitchCraft magick (white, gray, black, or red)

Comments by people who've read What Demonic Spirits Don't Want You to Know:

Format: Kindle Edition
The book was very enlightening. I have experienced or done a lot of the things not knowing the consequences that came with it. I love the examples and the plain explanations. A lot of other books on the topic are full of either “Christian” speak or “New Age” speak. This book was direct and to the point; very understandable. It was also an easy read.

Ms. Spielman was very sensitive to others beliefs while explaining what has been experienced by herself and the people she has helped. I will admit that i probably would have run a lot of people away by inserting my beliefs (lol, change your wicked ways people, this is not a joke and you don’t get a second life…. change…. change.

I was really impressed with the tact and finese that she handles subjects that are sacred to people. The topics of tongues, Santa, homosexuality, schizophrenia and many more were just simply explained without judgement.

After reading the entire book, I had such a wide range of emotions. I was grateful for having found the book. Remorseful for having brought spirits into my children’s lives. Embarrassed for actually having to admit to myself some of the things i had done. Angry at the devil… more like furious. But most of all i felt the dark clouds were clearing away and God did not leave me alone.

I believe this book is extremely relevant for the times we are in right now. Thank you Ms. Spielman for your obedience.Thank God


.0 out of 5 stars
A must read for those that question what is really happening.
By PJ on July 17, 2013
At times this material may appear challenging to read, but it's important to learn about.Contents from this book helped turn our lives around in a positive direction. Thank you Stacie!
This book helped me a lot to understand portals that allow demonic forces to enter into your life things you would least expect.

Stacie also gives a clear understanding of how to bind and cast these forces from you. I'm going through some challenging times in my life and this was very helpful. A must read for anyone who wants to do right by God The Father in heaven and his son Christ Jesus he is the only way!
I have to say that this book truly opens your eyes to the spiritual war that we are all involved in. It lets you see how innocent habits, objects we may have in our homes, movies we decide to watch etc. can attract negative forces into our lives. I appreciate the section on spirit guides and other deceptions the enemy uses, such as aliens, white witchcraft, etc.
If you thought you understood the "rational" Universe we live in, this book will change your mind. And if you thought that our ancestors were superstitious, unscientific people who believed in witchcraft, fairies, and magick because they didn't know any better, then you're about to have your world view shaken. Get ready to have your eyes opened.