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When Ghosts Come To Call:
The Truth About Ghosts

If you have been visited by a spirit that looked, sounded, perhaps even smelled like a dead loved one smelled when he or she was alive, you may not want to hear what I'm about to say.  It's important, however, that you read on.

A friend once told me that during the night the ghost of  her dead mother had come to visit her.  She said her "mother's spirit" had been surrounded with light and that in its presence, love seemed to fill the room.  She missed her mother very much, and could hardly wait for her "mother's spirit" to return.

I told Megan this ghost spirit had not been her mother, and that spirits of the dead do not come back to visit us.   I told her what to do in the event her "mother's spirit" returned.  When the spirit pretending to be her mother's ghost showed up a week or so later, Megan did as I had advised her. When she did this, her "mother's" beautiful face melted into the face of a demon, then the apparition disappeared.

This is not to say that Megan's mother was a demon or that she had turned into a demon when she died.  What I'm saying is that a demonic spirit was masquerading as the ghost of Megan's mother.

Ecclesiastes says that the dead know nothing and have nothing to do anymore with anything under the sun.  Ecclesiastes 9: 5- 6 "For the living know that they shall die, but the dead know not anything...Also their love and their hatred, and their envy is now perished; neither have they anymore a portion forever in anything that is done under the sun."

This is not to say that our souls don't go to Heaven when the final day comes.  It is speaking of what happens during the interim between death and the day of Judgment.  It  proves that the dead do not watch over the living or come back to earth to visit. The dead do not speak through spiritual mediums or haunt our houses. The dead do not hang around on earth waiting to be released.  And they don't come back to complete unfinished business or fulfill vendettas.  The idea that "ghosts" are earthbound spirits who need to be released is not Biblical.  It is a false belief perpetuated by psychics and demonic spirits.

The spirits who haunt our houses, call our names, slam doors, turn lights and appliances on or off, appear as fleeting shadows, cause mechanical toys to be set off with or without batteries, speak through spiritual mediums, etc. are not spirits of the dead.  They're demonic spirits masquerading as spirits of humans who've died.

In the case of the family who used to talk to their dead grandpa at graveside, they had more than 39 demonic spirit groups in their home, all of whom were pretending to be Grandpa.

When harassment victims I've worked with have been reluctant to rebuke the spirits pretending to be the ghosts of their dead loved ones for fear of rebuking their real loved ones and hurting their feelings, I always tell them what I'm telling you now.  There is absolutely no risk that these ghosts are truly the spirits of the dead.  They're demonic spirits -- fallen angels -- and nothing more.

Often when harassment victims are visited by an apparition, it doesn't scare them because it looks like their dead loved one and the room is filled with a false feeling of love.  But this is not always the case.  There are just as many cases -- perhaps more -- when apparitions take on the appearance of monsters, ghouls, or hideous hags.  Regardless of how they choose to appear, they are fallen angels. The Bible calls them demons.

So, next time you hear the country song "There Are Holes in the Floor of Heaven," save your tears. Heaven's floor has no holes, and souls of the dead are not peering down at us!  They have gone wherever God chose to send them to await the end of the world, and that is not here on earth with us!

If you live in a haunted house and want to know how to get rid of the spirits who are haunting it, my new book "What Demonic Spirits Don't Want You To Know: What Traditional Deliverance Ministries Don't Tell You," is now available through this site in pdf e-book format, and will soon be available through Amazon in paperback.

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