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It's gotten so I don't even like to flip through the T.V. channels anymore.  There seems to be no getting away from it.  Witchcraft is everywhere -- even on the Discovery Channel!

In an episode my husband watched of "A Haunting" (for which we  later had to cast spirits away who had come to him as a result), witches were called in to rid a house of the so-called "ghosts" that were haunting it.  I've seen other episodes in which psychics, parapsychologists, and a priest were called in.  What the people at the Discovery Channel don't realize is that these methods may appear to work for awhile, but will only make things worse in the long run.

This is because witches and psychics draw their powers from the occult.  Most of them don't realize it, but the psychic messages and impressions provided to psychic humans come from demonic spirits, and witchcraft rituals draw their power from the occult.  If this were not so, the Bible wouldn't warn us not to become involved with witchcraft.

Some of the most popular shows on T.V. involve teen-agers and white witchcraft. Among the most popular movies are those that involve witchcraft, vampires, and/or demonic spirits.

The Bible clearly condemns witchcraft, and makes no distinction between black or white.  The reason for this is that the power of witchcraft spells, rituals, curses, hexes and potions derives from demonic forces.  I've read that hundreds of kids have dabbled in witchcraft after reading Harry Potter.  Even playing around with witchcraft opens the door to the demonic.

My former spirit guides who swore they were of God but turned out to be demons, wanted me to get involved with White Witchcraft.  I seriously doubt that demonic spirits would have encouraged involvement in Witchcraft if it were good.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying witches themselves are evil.  Some of the nicest people in the world are witches and/or Wiccans.  The problem is that many of them are unaware of where their power comes from.  I'm amazed at the number of people who claim to be both Christian and Wiccan, thinking it will do no harm to pray to the lord and goddess right along with prayers to God in Jesus' name.  I've actually worked with harassment victims who believed themselves to be Christians while routinely casting binding spells to control negative behavior of people in their lives, and love spells to create attraction where no previous attraction existed.

When I was in college, I took a class in Folklore and Mythology. My professor enlisted a witch to talk to our class.  This woman was the proprietess of a witchcraft supply store in downtown L.A. She said one of her most popular products was ground up cat eyes intended for use by women who wanted their mates to be more amorous.  Sexually frustrated women would actually buy this product to mix in their husband's food!  Move over, Viagra!

A woman I worked with through my ministry told of when she and a girlfriend had put a spell of sickness on a little boy in their elementary school class.  They didn't mean the boy any harm. they just wanted to see if the spell would work.

The next day the boy was absent.  Three days later the girls were horrified to learn that the boy had died of Spinal Meningitis!  But the story didn't end there.  His entire family died of the disease.

A teen-ager I knew borrowed an instructional book on witchcraft from her boyfriend's mom who was a practicing witch.  Unbeknownst to her parents, she used her savings to purchase a robe, a broom, an athame (dull knife for cutting through a dome of energy), and a Book of Shadows. Tara began spending hours at a time in her bedroom with the door closed.  On the pretence of doing schoolwork, she withdrew from her family activities and spent her time instead studying the Craft.


No one suspected what Tara was involved with till the evening her younger sister opened her door without knocking and caught Tara sitting on the floor in a circle of candles, dressed in a witchcraft robe, writing in her Book of Shadows.  Tara flew into a rage and told Judy if she told their parents what she'd seen, she would put a curse on them. She then put a spell of protection on herself and Judy, and sprinkled salt at the entrance to their bedrooms to keep out evil spirits.  Terrified, Judy kept this to herself.

A few nights later, demonic spirits began putting in appearances in their parents' bedroom.  In a panic, Tara called her witchcraft friend and asked what to do.  The witch told her to sprinkle salt around the perimeter of the house.

The next day white her parents were at work, Tara poured the trail of salt around the house and heaved a sigh of relief.  That night at dinner, the salt shaker was empty.  When her mom went to the cupboard to get the new box of salt, that was empty as well.  This was Judy's cue to come clean and tell her parents what was going on.

The parents immediately went to Tara's room and searched her drawers and closet, gathering up everything that could possibly be linked to witchcraft.  Then her dad built a bonfire in their fifty-gallon burn barrel.  Among the witchcraft items he burned was the book Tara had borrowed from her boyfriend's mom.  As the fire burned, Tara called her witch friend in tears and told her what her dad was doing.  The next day Tara's older brother received a call from the witch, threatening his parents.

Tara had supposedly been studying White Witchcraft, but both she and her witchcraft friend had stepped over the line. They appeared to have forgotten the rule: Ever mind the rule of three.  What you give out comes back to thee.

Of the harassment victims I worked with through my former ministry who had ever been involved with Witchcraft on any level -- black or white -- demonic spirits have manifested (made their presence known by doing something to the harassment victim)  in association with each act of witchcraft performed and each item of witchcraft paraphernalia the person owned.



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