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Stacie Spielman


Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? Or Word Curse?

Psychologists call them self-fulfilling prophecies. When  people constantly say negative things, expect the worst, and use terms such as "always" and "never" regarding their health, relationships, finances, and life situations in general, these negative predictions often come true. But is it our minds that cause them to come true? Or is it something more sinister?

I worked with a woman who was constantly saying "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all. Her mother and friends had said this to her as a child. Now, as an adult, she would say this about herself. It was true that Jane was accident prone, that she couldn't seem to get ahead financially, and that all her romantic relationships had gone sour: proof, to her, that If it weren't for bad luck she'd have no luck at all.

When I addressed whether Jane, her mother, and her  friends had put word curses on Jane which contributed to her bad luck, spirits manifested by making Jane feel as if fur were coating her tongue. I explained to Jane that saying negative things involving the words "always" and "never" constitute word curses, and demonic spirits are more than willing to put those curses into effect. Together, in Jesus' name, we cast the spirits of the word curses away, and Jane began making a supreme effort not to say or think negative things. As s result, (Thank you, Father) her luck began to change. It is no longer true that if it weren't for bad luck Jane would have no luck at all.

I heard of a case in which a woman was in the habit of saying she would give her right arm if something she desired would happen. "I'd give my right arm to have a date with Jack," "I'd give my right arm to be able to play the piano," "I'd give my right arm for a chance to go a Bon Jovi concert." Sally got away with it for awhile. But it wasn't long before she began losing strength in her right arm. Doctors were unable to diagnose what was happening. Sally eventually lost the use of her arm.

"What's the use of dieting?" an overweight couple said. "We've tried them all. Diets might work for some people, but they never work for us." These words were a word curse: an open invitation for demonic spirits to step in, tatter their food and diet, and cause the word curse to come true. (See page on Tattering.)

"Mark my words. That boy is going to have a wreck before he turns eighteen." Jason's grandmother didn't realize she had just put a word curse on her grandson: a word curse that was destined to come true.

The Bible tells us that in Old Testament times God put curses on groups of people who worshipped other deities or failed to follow His rules. Likewise, in Bible times, people put curses on each other. Fathers might very well put a blessing on one son and a curse on the other! The scary part  is that the curses came true. And they weren't curses of Witchcraft or Voodoo. They were curses born of the spoken word.

Life has enough ups and downs as it is. Bad things happen to all of us -- to some of us more than others. But knowing that our words and the words of others can attract the attention of demonic spirits who are eager and willing to put word curses into effect should serve as a heads up for all of us, especially for those who are already victims of demonic harassment.

"What Demonic Spirits

Don't Want You to Know:

What Traditional Deliverance Ministries Don't Tell You"

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